Friday, 21 August 2009

Oh GOD Make it stop

Seriously, my abdomen/general stomach area hurts so much right now. What is going on? I feel like my insides are trying to explode out.

Also, to address a comment from Pi (HI by the way =]), I don't *think* it's PMS related. Although I never know anymore.

Too much info warning =]

See, I don't get periods. It's not ED-related or anything, it's just because of the birth control pill I'm on (I mean, as of today I haven't had sex in NINETEEN MONTHS, I shit you not, but I still take the pill a: just in case and b: no periods!). But, I think I still get the bloating and the random water weight gain and the hormonal emotional basketcaseism.

The thing is, because I haven't had a period since October 2006 (and I use the term period in that instance VERY loosely), I have no idea when my usual cycle would be. Over the past three years I've completely lost track, even though my cycle used to be exactly 4 weeks, like clockwork. So, emotional craziness and bloating and weight gain is entirely random, and I never quite know if it's due to my cycle or just because I'm a psycho.

This pain isn't cramps though. Honestly, and this is gross, but I think it's mostly down to constipation and severe wind all up in there and grumbling around. I wish I could just poke myself with a pin and deflate (and then be skinny and gorgeous forever, Amen).

I'm rambling as usual =]

Bleh, I feel like shit. It's abating VERY slightly right now but about an hour or so ago it felt like I was dying. Like that scene from Alien when the thing RIPS out of the dude's stomach. That's me, only about ten minutes earlier.

Food wise it's gone okay. I'm being strong strong strong! One of the temps in my team is leaving on Monday to go work in our call centre in a permanent position, and since it's her last day she brought in some nibbles (read: sweet things) and all I had was a mini-muffin and some manner of tiny cake thing. Total couldn't be more than 200 calories, if that. Yay!

It helps that my bloatey horribleness is making me wary of consuming anything at all for fear of making it worse. AND, if it keeps up (or, to be fair, even if it doesn't) I have an excuse to shower, straighten my hair, and go to bed without having to eat anything when I get home, even if my aunt is in foodnazi mode =]

Seven days til I go to Canada too, I'm starting to get excited now ^-^


Fleur said...

Hi :) sorry to hear you feel so terrible.. it'll pass though. why are you going to canada? for how long? sounds exciting :)

Hanz said...

I always end up getting that kind of horrible bloated pain death when I restrict lots for a while and then binge, or when I eat a food I havent eaten in a while. Usually chocolate or bread... Hope you feel better xx Yay Canada! Lol x

Vee said...

Thanks, luckily it's not so bad now =] And I'm going to Canada for two weeks, to visit friends and family (I grew up there, you see)