Friday, 14 August 2009


Rachel B and Hanz have decided to join in on the 10lbs-in-14-days challenge. Good luck to you both =] <3

So far today has gone well. 2 cups of green tea, two cups of water (I'm bad at trying to stay hydrated, SIGH), and a plain baked potato with a tiny amount of low-fat spread and some salt. Salt makes you retain water, but I have to admit I love salty food and have it on very nearly everything. And it was so nice. Usually the potatoes here are horrible and hard but today it was cooked and nice and soft so it was like guilt-free mashed potato (as in, no milk and butter lol).

So that's about 170 calories. Which leaves me 330. Minus 220 for my frozen meal when I Get home, I have 110 to play with. I'll probably have some strawberries for a little dessert.


This little challenge has totally helped me out, I feel so much more motivated today than I have in ages (a couple nights ago, I turned into a total bingey monster, and gained a pound yesterday morning. But this morning that pound was gone thank god!). And I'm actually enjoying this again. The feeling of hunger is hurting so good.

Best of luck to all the bodacious babes who are taking part in this with me and K. =]


All about Lily said...

That's really funny! I'm going to Canada too, except it's for the 20th!
I'm trying to lose as much as possible by then.

Keep strong, you can do it!

Ana's Girl said...

Sounds as though you're doing fantastic. Keep it up!

Belle said...

Hey! good idea about aiming for 10lbs in 2 weeks. I'm definately going to aim for that too! (hope you don't mind if I join in)

Don't know if I can do it, but I'll aim for as close as I can get to 10.

Good luck!!

Dot said...

I'm so glad you are feeling more motivated darling <3 and I'm a total salty food whore too : / I'm sure you'll reach your goal ; ) I'd join, but I'm sure I'd fail : (
Stay strong <3

Dot said...

Oh and Vee! You are such a fucking amazing writer! I was blown away by Kenton Road <3 Seriously. You should be a writer. I would buy your book and make all my friends buy it too ; ) I love the descriptive writing and the atmosphere <3

-- v i c t o r i a . said...

Sounds like you're doing good :]
Mind if I join, if that's okay?

Nia said...

I really need to set short term goals too. The end date is the 28th? I'm in.

Vee said...

@Lily: Haha freaky, enjoy your holiday!

@Ana's Girl: Thanks! Unfortunately nothing happened over the weekend, again =/

@Belle: No probs, anyone is welcome =] I mean I don't think I'll hit the 10, to be honest, but I'm going to try to get close to that number as I can

@Dot: Lulz, I'm on the road to failure too, but at least it's a challenge, something to aim for ^.^

@Victoria: Of course, welcome aboard!

@Nia: Yep, last day is August 28th =]