Sunday, 2 August 2009


I love S and L. Even when I'm not in the mood to have to deal with or be around other people, they always make me have fun.

Went to eat (I had Lamb Dopiaza with a little rice and shared naan bread with L), but instead of sticking to low-cal drinks, cocktails were involved. Although, I can't see them being toooo bad, since they were just like... pineapple juice plus alcohol and such things. I had an alcoholic cherry coke with dinner, which had a shot of amaretto in it. So nice. I know I'll be paying for this for the next few days, but I think it was worth it. I needed a night out.

Especially after the shitty evening I had before. Getting ready to go out was crap. At first it seemed to go well. I finally found my plain black flats, and the jeans I wanted to wear were cleaned and ironed so that was good. But then I couldn't find the top I wanted to wear. And when I did and put it on, I got SO frustrated. The chestal area has like foam cups inserted in between the fabric, and when it's been washed you have to fuck around to straighten out the foam cup things because they get all bunched up. But it was worse than usual this time and I wound up tearing the top off and throwing it on the floor before tearing through my closet. Except, I have absolutely nothing to wear. Everything is either too big or slightly too small for me right now. So I spent a good ten minutes fixing my top.

Then, I did my makeup and then decided I wanted to wear false lashes. I love false lashes <3 Except for tonight. The fucking glue would NOT stick to the lashes, just got all up on my lid instead and dried but sans lash. So three times I tried to stick the lash on my left eye, and three times I had to struggle to get all of the glue off and out of my eyelashes where it had somehow managed to wad up (usually I do not have these issues with false lashes, it's just been one of those nights). It pulled off all of my liquid eyeliner, and some eyeshadow, and my eyelashes were all clumped together. Plus I somehow managed to get the glue into my eye so it was stinging and watering up and blurry as all fuck and then my eyelids were sticking together when I blinked (even though the glue was just put above my top lashes ugh).

By this time I didn't have time to take off my makeup and start over so I wound up using a Q-Tip soaked with makeup remover to take off the liner and mascara and then peeled off as much of the glue as I could and reapplied in the bare area. It didn't look too bad in the end but I was SO frustrated and really did not want to go out.

Then, although my aunt asked me earlier in the afternoon what time I needed to be at my bus stop for, by the time I had to leave she was in bed napping, and since it hadn't been agreed really that she was going to drive me, I didn't want to wake her up. So, I grabbed my stuff and headed out. Of course, my umbrella didn't want to open properly so I had to fight with that for a while before it would open fully, as it was PISSING IT DOWN as usual. Ten feet outside my back door and my flats were full of water. AWESOME.

Twenty minutes of speedwalking and I got to my bus stop. Tired and frustrated as hell (although at least it was some extra exercise!) Didn't have to wait long for my bus, but I think the driver thought I was drunk because I stepped on the bus and then kind of stumbled sideways and I was trying to unfold my weekly ticket, and he kind of nodded at me bemusedly. So when I got off I made sure to say a cheery, clear "Thanks!!" haha.

There were a ton of people in town doing their marketing surveys or trying to sell shit or get donations, so I pretended to be on my phone while I walked to our meeting place haha.

We went to eat and then headed out to do a little bar hopping. It never ceases to amaze me what idiots go out... Morbidly obese chicks in miniskirts, huge guys with skinheads wandering around like they think they're all that and checking out all the skinny hot chicks as if they stand half a chance. But the woooorst is the 50+ year old women who dress in teeny, short outfits (whether they still have a half decent body or not) and trowel on the makeup. It's horrible!

We only stayed out til 11:30 - after eating and alcohol we were all tired haha. I got home about an hour and a half ago. The downside is that the food soaked up the alcohol we had, so I'm not even feeling the slightest buzz, which means the full feeling in my stomach from cocktails and shots doesn't seem worth the discomfort. Sigh.

It'll be ok though. We walked quite a bit tonight, plus I've got time to get rid of any extra gain.

We're going to see The Proposal tomorrow afternoon, after I stop by to visit my granny (and pick up my PunkyPinz mystery package yay!)

Ohh yeah. While we were out, L went to get some cash out while S and I waited in one of the bars for him, and he went to get some money for S too while he was out there. He came back and seemed a bit concerned - apparently he got S's money out fine but after he put in his card and pin and requested money, the machine spit his card out then froze for a few minutes before showing an error message saying "Your card has been retained. Please call your bank" - although it had just given his card back. So he was concerned maybe it was some kind of scam (although surely if someone had managed to bug the machine somehow they'd save the pin numbers AND keep the cards?) and S was stressing because she's currently got like 20 grand in her account, waiting for a check to come out (I think it's the deposit for the house they're buying right now). So, L called the emergency fraud-stolen-card-etc line on the back of his card, to ask for advice, as to whether he should be concerned and to ask if they should cancel their cards or whatever. But halfway through explaining what happened, the fuck at the bank hung up on him! So he's going to call back tomorrow to find out what he needs to do and also put in a complaint about the cock he was on the phone with.

Anyway. I'm going to go to bed... I must be getting old, it's only 1 in the morning and I'm completely exhausted. To the point where I can't really be bothered to go take my makeup off and brush my teeth and stuff before bed. But, because I HAVE to put my retainer in, I'll make myself do it. Sigh.

I've got my three-month retainer review at my orthodontist on Tuesday morning at 10, though, and I'm hoping he'll tell me I don't have to wear it EVERY night anymore. Every other night would be awesome, but we'll see. I know I'll have to wear it for the rest of my life at least once or twice a week, but being able to cut out a couple of nights would be nice. Although, I have to take off makeup/wash face and brush teeth before bed every night anyway so I guess it doesn't really make a difference... we'll see.

I'll talk to y'all tomorrow, and reply to all your comments in the morning too. I've read them already, I just don't have the energy to reply right now without passing out haha.

Also, in case you didn't notice, I reply to all of your comments in my comments... instead of spamming up your entries with my own comments haha. I feel bad going to comment back to your entries, with something entirely unrelated to what you just blogged about, so I do it here instead. ^.^

Goodnight my darlings and happy weekend!

Vee xox


Dot said...

I totally know what you mean about those stupid foam cups! ugh! It's such a bitter battle against those foam cups, I can never get them to go un-lumpy : /
I'm sure you won't pay too bad for your evening out. It sounds like you had a lot of fun and you've really been so good this week!
Right now all my clothes are too big for me....awkwardly so. I think we both need a shopping spree ; )
I love false lashes too! ; D <3 I can't believe you had such a miserable time getting ready : ( I would have given up. You have such resolve. For me, it would have been the whole glueing my eyelashes shut ; )
I am jealous of your rain though. Really jealous. I would rather be soaking wet and looking like a drowned crack whore than my face all peeling from this dry heat : p
Haha! Your blog is so funny. And what is up with the trumped up grannies going out and hitting on hot indie guys! For real! You are so right, they are the worst! And why do they all wear white mini skirts? I'm from Palm Springs, and that like the land of crazy old bitches in mini skirts : P Bleh.
Never feel bad about posting about whatever on my blog! I love it! And I love your comments <3
Stay strong <3

Vee said...

Ugh, I know, they're so horrible aren't they? I mean I could understand it if the actual point was to serve as a bra of some description so you didn't need one... but the size of my breasts require much support, so the extra foam cup dealies are entirely fucking useless!

In the end, I'm not up at all, so happy!!

Haha I definitely need a shopping spree, but I'm waiting til I'm in Canada to do it. I'll be lighter then, and also clothes are a bit cheaper there than they are here. I can't wait to shop haha!

Seriously, I was on the verge of calling S to say dude, there's no fucking way, and just going to bed even though it was barely 6pm haha. The worst part was the glue in the eyelashes because then when I put mascara on it looked terrible and it took FOREVER to get it all out >.<

Haha don't get me wrong. I LOVE the rain and it's one reason I love England so much, one reason why I wanted to move here since I was a kid. But after a point you get sick of it... like, it's August now and we've had maybe one week of halfway warm weather, and it's frustrating. I love thunderstorms especially, but usually when it rains here it's just a pain in the ass drizzle without any exciting theatrics. =[

Ugh god I know it's horrible! It's just not right. The worst part is that half the time the old uggs get the hot guys too, simply because they're a "sure thing" for a strings-free lay. Which is just disgusting, ew.

Talk more soon! xx