Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Poll Results!

It's about time I get around to posting the results of last week's poll!

The question was: what's an acceptable level of calorie restriction for you?

The results are in:

Total votes: 32 - holy shit, 32? I can't believe that many people actually come here, even though I currently have 78 followers. That number is simply staggering!

400-500: 21% (7 votes)
500-600: 18% (6 votes)
1000-1200: 15% (5 votes)
Under 400: 15% (5 votes)
600-800: 12% (4 votes)
800-1000: 9% (3 votes)
Above 1200: 6% (2 votes)

Wow, we got a decent number of votes under each category. It's interesting to see that so many people have such a different approach to restricting, isn't it?

Anyway, good luck to you all and keep up the great work! I'll have a new poll up for you soon!

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