Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Preview: Chapter Uno

This is a random, non-food-related post. Sorry, I don't have time to post much of actual interest today (work is intense and I'm going straight to the hospital when I finish here), but I wanted so share a piece of me with you, so here is a copy-and-pasted pasted Chapter One of my masterpiece. I'll post it for a day or two and then take it down, because I'd hate for Google's trawlers to find it, then one of my friends google a sentence and find it crossposted here and at my Writing.com account.

It's not very good, it's a bit all-over-the-place, and I've scrapped it four times so far and started from scratch... but it's mine and I'm (mostly) proud of it so far. One day, it'll be published, and all of you will get a shoutout in the credits.

One day...


Let me know in comments (leave an email address or something?) if you missed it and want to read, I'll send you a link to my writing.com account.


skinnybusiness said...

I don't have time to read the whole thing right now, but of what I did read, it was really good.

Ana's Girl said...

Hey, wait a minute, i thought you said it wasn't very good... It's posatively wonderful! Keep writing; you've got a true talent for it.

Anonymous said...

wow you're very talented. That's some very nice writing you've got going. My only comment (for what it's (not) worth) is that I found it a little slow moving.. I'd skim over some of it to get to the main point. Good luck in your writing career!! I think you can do it.

sadhana said...

I started reading your story, but I hate reading stuff online, so I am printing it off as a hard copy to carry around with me.

I came to check out your blog.. um.. which one would you recommend? Which do you post more on and so forth..?? Maybe I'll do both.. Um.. yeah. I've not very.. verbose at the moment, I apologize :)

Dot said...

Ah! I totally missed it! : (((( Now you must email it to me! ; ) dorothy.robbins@gmail.com

Send it to me! I bet it's so amazing! Now I'm dying with curiosity ; D