Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Dude, For Serious??

Before I had a shower tonight, I hopped on the scale again. And it said 204.8.

Yeah, this morning it said 207.8 - so already tonight it's showing a loss of 3lbs??

I sure hope this sticks!


Rhianna said...

Well i hope so too...good work bubbi!

Stay strong!


Dot said...

OMG VEE! I'm so jealous ; ) That truly is amazing. Just think....any day now you'll be under 200 and looking fabulous! :D
Keep up the amazing work <3

Ana's Girl said...

Oh nice. I'm sooooo jealous like you don't even know! I hope it sticks too.

Vee said...

It stuck it stuck it stuck! I AM SO EXCITED!

I can't wait to be under 200. Just 4.9lbs to go until I'm under and I can for sure kick that before next Friday when I go to Canada. SO EXCITTEEEDDDD =] xx