Wednesday, 19 August 2009

24 Hours

As of right now it's been 24 hours since I last ate. I'm going to keep going until tomorrow, unsure whether I'll go until noon or 6pm, but we'll see. I'm aiming for 6 so it'll be a full 48 hours, though.

Yay! =]

Update: according to my scale I've lost 0.4lbs so far today, and I'm usually a couple pounds higher at night than I am when I weigh in the next morning. So excited!


Dot said...

Awe vee! You are amazing! :D I'm so excited to see how much you lose!

Chicky said...

Good Job Vee!

Vee said...

Thanks you guys! I'm so proud, I've never managed a full fast before (it usually turns into a 100-calorie day or something haha) so this was awesome!