Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Bad times

I'm on fucking phones at work today and it's irritating me already. I hadn't even logged onto the system when someone handed me my first call from someone else's phone, and I had to deal with that. Started getting on with my first piece of actual work and the phone rang again - someone from our Indian contact centre with a client on the line who was super pissed off... so I had to ask two other people to find an answer to the question, finally figured it out and came back - and the person had hung up on me. AWESOME. So I just wasted 20 minutes, instead of actually getting some of my own work done.

Also was stressed this morning because my aunt is still in the hospital and yesterday she was running a fever and she said her stomach felt like it was swelling a little bit. I wasn't too highly concerned, the doctors were going to look into the fever and deal with it. But this morning J was telling me about how, when her dad went into the hospital to have a botched hip replacement redone, he was running a fever and his stomach was swelling. And then it turned out the swollen stomach was due to a ruptured intestine and he was vomiting fecal matter. And a few days later HE FUCKING DIED.

So then all morning I've been stressed to all hell, but I've just texted J to ask how my aunt is doing and she said "better this morning, hopefully coming home tomorrow. going to try her on a light meal today" (she hasn't eaten yet, just liquids since the surgery). So, all seems well now.

My stress plus having to eat at the hospital meant that my intake was way over what it should have been the past two days and as a result of that and probably late gain from the weekend, I'm up 2lbs. Which I expected after Saturday anyway so I'm not TOO depressed over it. Getting back into business today though so I will be back down soon. On the upside, my stress today is making me feel sick which is making the idea of food make me even more nauseous so huzzah!

Um. Thanks for your comments about my story. I'm going to take it down but if anyone wants to read it, leave me a comment with a way to contact you and I'll email you my account address.

God, I'm so all over the place today I can't even remember what the shit I was going to write about. I've got to try to get something done before the phone goes again so I'll write more later, I just wanted to let you know I'm alive and I'm doing mostly okay but I am stressed the shit out.

Love you all,
Vee xox


xthinforever said...

i really dont know what to say
because i cant tell you everything will be okay because i dont know if it will..

but like i always used to say to my paranoid friends that were high as shit.. "if you act like theres a problem, there will be a problem. so chill out, sit back, and relax." lol, maybe that helped? idk. :P stay strong.

Ana's Girl said...

Oh wow.I hate always being on the phone too. I'm sorry. I'm sure it'll get better soon.

And i'm glad your aunt seems to be doing better. I'll say a prayer for her.

Stay strong, and try not to stress to much. Much love.

Dot said...

I'm so sorry about your aunt : ( I'm glad she sounds like she's getting better though. Still must be really scare and hard for you....any weight you gained is probably just food/water weight. I'm sure it will come off soon ; )
I hope you feel better beautiful <3

Samantha said...

Yuk. Sounds like a bad day. I hope the auntie turns out OK.