Thursday, 20 August 2009

Sidebar Update

I've added a nifty Cast of Characters, to keep everyone straight. Probably more helpful to new followers of my blog, since I explained in older posts who everyone is when I mentioned them already. Also, because there are a couple people with the same letter pseudonym (three M's!) I might have gotten a couple backwards before, but this is the order they will all be in from now on. I think S2 used to just be S but since the "new" S is one of my BFFs and I talk about her more, she got to take it over. ^.^


Hanz said...

Hey, sorry I haven't commented in a while... Sounds like you're doing really well though!!!
I'm hoping to fast until Sunday evening starting tomorrow, so we shall see!
Also, because I'm commenting on the sidebar post, nice sidebar! Lol xxx

heebeejebus! said...

Haha thank you!

KEMPER said...

Cool, that helps noobs like me a ton. :)