Saturday, 22 August 2009

6 down, 3 to go

I Started writing this post this morning as I was getting ready to go out, but of course my laptop decided to restart about half a sentence in, to install updates. Fuck you, Vista. Fuck. YOU.

So yesterday's random huge post-fast gain was indeed a fluke, as when I weighed myself this morning the scales showed 203.8, which means as of this morning I've managed to lose exactly 6lbs since last Friday, in six days. I've got until this coming Friday (August 28th) to lose another 4, which I think is achievable if I keep it up.

In the end the two small "treats" at work was all I ate yesterday so that probably helped a little bit.

Today, after getting my hair done (I love it, it's not super different but she cut off like 4 inches and really shortened my layers and chopped it much shorter and layered around the front, and blonderized me again), I met up with S and L and we went for lunch, as planned. Instead of sushi, though, we went to a Japanese noodle bar restaurant (that S and I have gone to before), since L can't stand sushi. He's a plain-fried-rice-with-chicken kind of guy and refuses to touch sushi at all.

Food consisted of a shared order of duck gyoza (dumplings), rice with breaded chicken and some manner of Oriental curry Sauce, and a couple scoops of coconut ice cream. All in all, I don't think it was *too* bad, and it probably helps that it's all I'm having to eat today. Still, I'll probably back up a little bit tomorrow. But, anything quickly gained can be lost quickly, too. That's how I try to think of it anyway.

Anyway, how is your weekend going? Drop me a comment and let me know what you've been up to if you want =] I'll probably post a photo of The New Hair when I get a chance, I really love it, even though I've been trying to grow it and now BOOM half my hair on the shop foor. Oh well. <3

It's just after 9:30 at night here and I'm totally restless. I don't know what to do with myself. I'm craving ice cream or something sweet but luckily we don't have anything sweet in the house. And the truth is, although I'm craving it I'm not actually in the mood to eat it, even though I realize that's a total contradiction.

Haha random interruption. My cat just walked into my bedroom, looked at me and went "Meow-ow-ow." So cute. She's so vocal and random and always talks to me. In this case, she was announcing her presence and demanding that I Scratch her neck, haha.

Anyway. I just really don't think I could even be bothered by the preparation of food at this point, even if I hadn't had the big lunch today.

I'm going to go try to find something to do, which is probably nothing aside from read and channel surf. Fun!

Oh yeah I just remembered, I got a book to read on the plane: Battle Royale (yep, the book the movie was based on! If you don't know what I'm talking about, Google it, it's awesome and violent and was apparently banned in Japan for being so controversial and political when it first came out) So I can't wait to start reading it!


Rhianna said...

Good Luck with those 4 lbs darl...just keep pacing yourself and they'll defo be off by this friday.


Ana's Girl said...

Computers are so annoying. Mine ALWAYS crashes on me, but never on my mom. Like what in the world?! Why does it just hate me?

You're definately going to be able to lose those 4 pounds by Friday!

Iniquitous Angel said...

congrats on the 6, & good luck for the 3!

*Vista IS irritating ;)

pokerface said...

Are you reading Battle Royale because I told you about it? ... cos I started reading it a few days ago but I don't remember mentioning it to you...

If I didn't, and you just picked it randomly out of all the books in the world, that's weird.

I also didn't know it was a film... lol

Vista is shit. Windows is shit. Hello to your cat. :)

Vee said...

@Rihanna: Thanks doll. I feel on-target so that's good =]

@Ana's Girl: Yeah, I don't get it. This laptop is still annoying me too, the touchpad has a tap-detector so you don't have to click the "mouse" buttons so I wind up "clicking" on shit I didn't want too lol

@Iniquitous Angel: Thanks! =]

@pokerface: Ohmygod that's SO weird, no you didn't tell me. Haha the movie is pretty good, you should watch it if you like the book =]