Sunday, 2 August 2009

Hellzyeah v2.0

All hope is not lost!

Weighed myself this afternoon (it's 2 now, I stayed in bed until noon and then went downstairs to chill with my aunts until about half an hour ago haha) and I am exactly 205.8 - so no gain this weekend! How fucking awesome is that?

I was fully expecting to be up like 2lbs after last night. I mostly behaved myself with dinner (only small amounts of rice, ate the lamb out of the main course but left the sauce etc) but I still thought I would gain between that and the alcohol and many cocktails last night. But I'm the same! It feels like a miracle haha. I haven't lost this weekend, but I'm so happy to have not gained, so none of my work this week has been undone. I'm positively euphoric today!

I think we're going to visit my granny in a while (yay I can pick up my package!) and then my aunt's got to go have some pre-op injection into her belly at 5. We're taking her to the hospital and waiting with her until she goes through into the operating theatre tomorrow morning (earlllly) and then J has to go to town I think so if it's not raining we'll go there. She wants to hit Starbucks so I might get a small skinny mocha frappucinno or something. We shall see.

Not much else to write about right now, really. S and L and I aren't going to the cinema tonight. S sent me a text-message this morning asking if it's ok to cancel and I said I'm down with that, since I really can't be bothered. Plus no pressure to get nachos or popcorn or anything with them. So that's an upside.

Short work week this week huzzah! Off tomorrow since my aunt's going in for surgery, and then I'll be in late Tues since my orthodontist appointment is midmorning. Love it!

26 days until I go to Canada. I still have mixed feelings about it, but I'm getting excited for the time off work at the very least =]

Right, I've gotta go get ready to venture out into the outside world, and then I'll get replying back to your comments.

Love ya! And I hope you all had a fabulous weekend too <3

Vee xox

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Ana's Girl said...

That is such good news that you didn't gain anything! I'm so happy for you. And short work weeks rock! Lol. Stay strong, and have fun.