Wednesday, 19 August 2009

New Poll Up!

Yep, that was fast! I thought of a new poll topic faster than I was expecting lol.

So this week's poll is: How do you measure your weight loss?

This is a multiple-answer one, so choose as many as you want to, and as always, feel free to elaborate in the comments if you want! Especially if you choose "other" because I'm curious =]

I personally go more for weight (as in the number on the scales) and clothing sizes going down. I need to do measurements too but I can't find my tape measure - and I NEVER see my weight loss in the mirror so that's almost completely pointless. Although I will admit that when I got down to 170 after The Breakup, I could kind of see it and that was nice.

How about you?


Lady Destroyed said...

I measure every way I can because I have to BELIEVE!

Vee said...

Haha I try to too. I need to remember to buy a new measuring tape!

Ana's Girl said...

I measure all the ways except for scales... but only because i don't own one. I really really want to get one, but i'm afraid of what my mother would say if i asked her to buy one or came home from the store with one (i haven't figured out how to sneak one inside without her knowing either). She know's i obsess over weight and i don't want her to know how bad.

Vee said...

@Ana's Girl: Oh my, that would suck. I'm entirely lost without scales now, it's really kind of obscene. I know I won't have any for the 16 days I'm in Canada, either, so that's going to drive me absolutely insane >.<