Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Just had a call from a client who just moved back home to Australia and had some questions on transferring his pension... And he had a super sexy accent. Yum yum, yes please!

I so badly need to get laid.


xthinforever said...

I'll get laid for you! <3
LOL.. I can never have enough sex.

Ana's Girl said...

Lol. The Aussie accent is the absolute best. Soooo sexy. But then again, i do live the Irish accent... Hmmm. I can't decide which one is better. Either way i'm jealous that you got to talk to a man with such a sexy accent.

Dot said...

Haha! I love you! and I missed reading your blog so much these past 3 days!!!!
Love sexy accents <3 You should offer to show him around the town next time he calls ; )