Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Replies To Comments

It's been so long that instead of going through my comments and replying there, I'm going to reply here to make sure y'all see it haha. Also, I've seen others using this format and I think I like it.

So, here goes. Sorry if it's confusing, I'm replying to everyone's comments at once so I hope you remember what you said ^.^

EDIT: OH MY GOD THERE ARE SO MANY. Sorry. Just so you know I'm replying in reverse order, in paragraph-form. I hope that helps keep things straight, this is turning into a mess lol. This is what I get for neglecting comments for two weeks =/

@xthinforever: My aunt is doing well, thanks! She's started driving already, wheras J had to take a good few weeks off. She's healing a lot better than J did so far. Still bad news on the fluorescents, although they're off today thank fuck!

Haha dude, I have such a high libido, it's ridiculous. But I haven't gotten any in over a year and a half >.<

Luckily my stress over my aunt at the hospital was unfounded. It turns out her fever is just from her generic all-the-time night-sweats so it was nothing to be concerned about. But, I tend to stress out over absolutely nothing, it's not a good thing.

Ugh starting a day off immediately being pissed off is not good. My whole day sucked after that.

@Dot: Haha yeah the "more rest" never happened. Migraines at work at just making my sleeping situation even worse right now.

Haha if he calls. Also, he's just moved BACK to Australia so I'm kinda doubting that he'll be around anytime soon =/

Thanks hun, luckily my aunt is doing okay. But unfortunately the weight hasn't dropped off like I'd hoped. When I stress out my weight loss slows for some retarded reason, and like I said in my previous post I upped my calorie intake a little, which meant I basically just stayed the same. Damnit. It'll be gone soon though! =]

Ooh, I will email you the link as soon as I finish with this =]

Measurements are definitely coming soon! Once I find my measuring tape! Now is probably a good time to post it too because right now I'm pretty high so it'll be a good starting-point to measure my progress against.

FOAM CUPS ARE MADE OF FAIL. Seriously, that one little thing made me not even want to go out, it was so horrible. I DEFINITELY need a shopping spree, but I've been putting it off until I go to Canada. Only, now it's looking like I'll have barely lost anything so I'm not convinced it's worth buying a load of clothes there that will (hopefully) be too big for me in a couple of months. Although I'll probably buy something like a really nice pair of jeans in a couple sized smaller and make it my goal to fit into them by the time I go to Cancun ^.^ Haha girl, I love the rain too, just not when it's ALL THE TIME. We literally just had about 3 days where it was really nice and sunny out, and now it's back to rain. So seriously, I get 3 days of summer haha. And then people wonder why I'm so god damn pale! (although I LIKE being pale and people don't get that).

I just realized that I already commented back to that last one Dot, sorry haha. YOU GET MOAR.

@Samantha: Haha that's so random. Clearly, I have some kind of intense psychic ability... to inflict others with my badness lol.

@Ana's Girl: The Aussie accent was totally hot. I mean, I live in England so there are accents all over the place, but because I live in Yorkshire a lot of people have really broad, horrible, hobo-sounding acents and it is not goooood =///

Being on the phone suuucks. Luckily I've only got one more Phone day before I go to Canada for two weeks. So, next Thursday, if you call a pension company in the UK and get a girl with an American-sounding accent, it's probably me ;]

Haha thanks about the writing dealie... When I first wrote it I loved it but now I'm not so sure, it seems a little slow and all-over-theplace. We'll see ^.^

@skinnybysiness: Thanks for the comment on my writing ^.^ Hopefully I'll get some time to actually work on it...

@Carmen: Honestly, I think you're right. I tend to get caught up in descriptions and character-introspection that I can tend to forget to "keep the ball rolling" haha. Definitely something I'll need to work at.

@sadhana: Well, if you get a chance to read it let me know what you think =] I'm always looking for constructive criticism. And, as to my blogs, this is probably the best one to follow. Champagne Petals is kind of a side-project where I'm trying to compile a compendium of ED-Friendly cooking and recipes and foods. It's slow-going right now but when I get the time I've got a ton to add on to it.

@SophiaRuins: Luckily the "family meals" thing isn't being enforced now. My aunt said to J that I'll be "doing my own thing" with my diet and if we do have a group meal it'll only be every once in a while. That's something I can live with, more than "every day we take turns." Eff that.


I also had two comments from a new follower who told me she was reading my blog from the start. HI TO YOU! Sorry I didn't reply to your comments here, because I'm an idiot I approved the comments before I checked where they were at and now I can't find the posts to reply. I'm going to have a look and see if I can find them now though haha.



Yum said...

Ugh, I took my measurements a week or two ago, and I was so embarassed I didn't post them. But if you do, that means I'll have to!

Vee said...

Well I'll definitely be posting them when I get a chance ;) It will be horrible and painful and I'll hate it, but at least if it's there in the public's eye I'm more... accountable to having to change it. If that makes any sense at all.

Dot said...

I love getting moar! ; D ahah! I'm going to read your writing as soon as I get a chance. Thanks so much darling for sending it to me <3
I too don't want to buy clothes till I'm smaller.....and I'm at this awkward stage where all my clothes are kind of too big....but not big enough for me to buy new ones...?
You seriously need to do your measurements! I would have killed myself from now because of my slow loss if it wasn't for the fact that at least I know I take up less space ; )
Well, at least you haven't gained : / I've been at this plateau of death for 2 weeks : P But we'll work through it!
Stay strong darling <3