Tuesday, 18 August 2009

13:25 and all is well

Yep, it's nearly 1:30 in the afternoon and so far, so good.

The good side:
--only 10 calories consumed so far, and in liquid form.

The bad side:
--those 10 calories of liquid is also the only thing I've had to drink today. Must hydrate!


See said...

congrats! drink water!

Vee said...

Thanks! That's one of my downfalls, I forget to drink ^.^

Lady Destroyed said...

Geh! Carry a water bottle, woman! You'll feel better, your skin will be better, everything will be better. You can go months without food but you'll croak in a few days without water.

Vee said...

I will I will I will, I promise! I need to get another one I think. Or two. One to keep by my bed, one for my desk at work, and one to carry in my purse or something ^.^ I mean I DO drink water, just not enough lol