Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Fasting: The Halfway Point

It's exactly noon here in sunny old England, and so far so good. I just went to get a cup of black coffee with some sweeteners in it for my "lunch". I love coffee, but only if it's super sweet - back in my teens I used to have fresh brewed coffee with like six spoons of sugar in it. No wonder I got so fucking fat, right?

But it's all going well so far. Yesterday when I ate it couldn't have been later than 6, so as of right now I've gone 18 hours without any food. My fast is stretching through today and I'll probably have something for lunch tomorrow, so in total it will be another 24 hours from now. So in total my fast will have lasted 42 hours. Which is kind of making me want to push it until 6pm tomorrow night and just make it a nice, round 48.

I might just do that. I've been trying to justify getting lasagne from work's canteen tomorrow (Canteen food is pretty shit but their lasagne is actually really nice) but I really shouldn't. Especially as it's not a guarantee that I'll be able to get away with eating nothing tomorrow night. So, we'll see, I'll probably push the fast to tomorrow night at 6 and then just have a 300 calorie frozen meal when I get home from work and let that be it for the day.

Hooray for success and determination and motivation!


Lady Destroyed said...

*jumping around in a cheerleader outfit until I realize I look bloody ridicoulous* Rah Rah Rah!

Vee said...

Hahaha you are so awesome