Tuesday, 28 July 2009

On A More Positive Note

The day is going well so far. I need to stop hitting up Facebook during lunch though, because I found out that apparently all the drama going on with my immediate family back home is still ongoing. But I don't know EXACTLY what's happening at this point and it's maddening.

I posted about it before but my mom called in tears last Sunday (I think it was sunday anyway) about stuff that had been going on. The next day she called and things seemed to be mostly ironed out. Now my sister's facebook status is bitching that "that little bitch" (presumably meaning my brother's ex / my nephew's mom) stirring up shit is causing issues in her relationship and that all of my immediate family are wound up so tight they're constantly snapping.

What a feel-good story. I can't WAIT to go visit. Sigh.

Anyway, that's irritating, and hopefully I'll get to talk to my mom before the weekend to find out what's going down. If I do I'll keep you posted.

BUT on a more positive note, I've stuck to my guns at work (despite a sudden and HUGE craving for chips, cheese and gravy around 1 o'clock) and my intake so far is still just me 10-calorie chicken soup. Mmm.

It's almost 3 now - funny, I always seem to get an urge to blog around 3 haha - so I've got two hours to go. I worked out my hours and thank god I don't have to stay until 5:30 today. Because I worked an extra 15 minutes yesterday and managed to get in for 8:30 today I can just take off at 5 - and then I'm free to go at 4 tomorrow as long as I'm in early enough to cover it.

So, I've only got two hours left to work. And the three pieces of work I've got left to do are super easy, so yay!

My only gripe right now is that because yesterday was The Longest Day Ever, it feels like it should be Wednesday today, which would rock. But it is not.

Also, J has gone to visit her brother and sis-in-law at their caravan for a couple days, so it's just me and my aunt at home until Thursday evening. And I'm kind of glad for the break. J can be randomly moody over nothing and make snarky comments over the tiniest things. The other day, I had something to eat and put my plate in the sink since it was already filled with water and some other cups and stuff. 99% of the time I wash my dishes as I use them but this one time I put it in the sink (everyone else does it, and my aunts have been known to pass me their dirty dishes as I'm washing mine, and I don't mind doing it *shrug*) but J made a deal out of it. Grumbling "I'll do the dishes then, shall I?" And I don't know that it was necessarily directed AT me or my aunt, but both of them had been home all day and the other stuff in the sink was theirs, so what gives?

I bitch too much, hah.

She was okay yesterday, I dunno. Hopefully a couple days away will bring her back a little more chill? I think it's getting to her that she's not at work and is at home all day, or something. Cabin Fever maybe.

Usually when J is away my aunt and I do something... like make something nice for dinner, or get pizza and watch some movies, then stay up late and get the Ouija board out (that J doesn't know I have, since she's dead-set against having one in her house). But, since my aunt is on her pre surgery diet, no temptations to order any takeout, so yay =] We'll probably do nothing special or interesting in the next couple days - I think we'll just appreciate the quiet, to be honest.

I need to get some more water to drink. More later! xx

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