Friday, 31 July 2009

Christmas in July?

Kind of.

At work today one of the supervisor-consultant dudes (who is a wicked egomaniac sometimes and very competitive, by the way) brought up the topic of our Christmas party. Rather than having a party at the office or whatever, it's up to each team to organize what they want to do, and usually the company will give each team a budget of £5-10 per head towards it.

Well, Consultant dude (for the sake of continuity we'll call him C1) has decided he wants to do what another team are doing and book our team in at this hall... It's formal with jazz music and carriage rides and stuff. But the food sounds terrible (not to mention there are 2 vegetarians in my team and no vegetarian dinner options), it's £35 a head... and, to put it lightly, nobody in my team is the "formal" type. I can dress up and act polite and ladylike if I want to, or have to, but I'd rather go somewhere where we're comfortable and I won't get glared at for swearing or bursting into hysterical laughter at an unintentional double entendre (which I am very apt to do). But mostly that these aren't people that are capable of being civilized for longer than 5 minutes. Hell, our last team-do was semi-formal and one of the guys spent the night pretending to take photos of everyone, when really he was taking close-up shots of everyone's cleavage. Which was hella fun, but I can see C1 being a stick in the mud and expecting us to keep it toned down.

On top of all of that, I'm not even here on the date it would be on (December 11th) as I'm in Cancun for two and a half weeks from the 7th of December. So, I said my opinion is that if we plan it before then, I'm in, if not, I don't really care where they book since I won't be involved.

So, he's sent the information sheet around the team asking for other suggestions, as this fancy party went down like a lead balloon. So, everyone wrote a ton of suggestion on it (I just added that I don't particularly mind when it's booked, as if it happens when I'm not here, my input is kind of void anyway, and asked them to try to get it before I go away) and passed it back to him. And he just whined about how all of the suggestions were crap and if he doesn't get to go to the place he wants he'll "be very pissed off."

While we were talking about it earlier, he got his panties in such a twist, it was hilarious. He was like "so what, if we just do a generic team meal out or something, everyone will fuck off at 6 and that's the end of that" and was in a proper huff. I get where he's coming with - he wants a proper Christmas party, and that would rock - but it was hilarious and he was so over the top with it.

So yeah, nothing is resolved at all right now haha. But it's given us some amusement. I think he's going to go on the other team's Christmas party anyway, just so he can go where he wants to without us lol.

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