Friday, 31 July 2009


God you guys, considering how shittily this week started (what with the complete lack of sleep and the headachiness), it's turned out to be a fabulous week. I'm in such a good mood today! Not least of all because I'm down another 0.6 this morning - total loss this week now is 4.6lbs!

I didn't count the grapes this morning but it's probably around 20 (approx 60cals), since there weren't all that many left. A 10-calorie soup for lunch, and then we'll see when I get home. If I don't go to the store, it'll be a frozen meal. If I do, I'll pick up some more soups and have one of them to prep for tomorrow night's calories.

So happy todayyy =]

Hope everyone else has a great one too <3

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