Wednesday, 29 July 2009


I'll comment back to my comments a little later, I've got to be in a meeting in 20 minutes so I've got to make this quick.

After weigh-in this morning, I'm down 0.6lbs since yesterday. Which... I should be happy, but it tastes a lot like failure. I just have to keep telling myself at least it's a loss - I can't reasonably EXPECT to lose 1-2lbs per day consistently. I think the faster loss before is probably due to food and water weight, but at least right now I'm down 3.6lbs from last Thursday. Which, by all means, should be totally acceptable.

I'm not really disappointed in the lower loss, but I'm not ecstatic either. I'm kind of indifferent, if that makes sense.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the 100 cal bag of popcorn last night FELT like a huge binge, even though it totally wasn't, so that set me up to feel like crap today. God, how lame is that?

Anyway. Plan for today:

26 Grapes : 76 calories
(I just pulled off three small bunches and counted them as I ate, so the number is totally random)

10-cal soup : 10 calories

Frozen meal : 294 calories

Total for the day: 380

Totally acceptable. =]

I AM craving ice cream to a ridiculous degree right now - but I don't have access to any and even if I do go to buy cat food and litter tonight, I won't buy any food unless it's fruit. If I can keep it up I may allow myself a scoop on Sunday as a reward, but can't overdo it, and won't have any until then. I really wish frozen yogurt was common here, it would make this so much easier. As it is, I might just see if they've got some lemon sorbet this weekend instead, the one I had from Tesco wasn't very caloriffic.

I can't believe how... easy this week has been. But, I've got to print off a load of documents and get ready for this meeting, so I'll save that for another post

Lots of Love
Vee xox


Yum said...

I lost 5 pounds last week, but so far this week it hasn't budged. It's not like I'm eating any different....I think the speed just goes up and down for unknown reasons sometimes.

Vee said...

Yeah my body is completely unpredictable. A few months ago, I was restricting... not quite as much as I am now but still eating less than say 600 calories a day, and my weight didn't budge for a good two weeks. It was horrible.

Still, any loss is a loss, and I'm still half a pound closer to my goals =] It's just easy to get yourself worked up and depressed when you expected more.

Vee said...

Or I should say, when you get yourself worked up to expect more.