Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Goodnight my darlings!

... I hate Blogger. And my laptop.

My fagging laptop's touch-pad deal has some kind of pressure-sensitivity so if you tap it it'll click on a link instead of having to use the actual buttons. But when I went to post this entry, it registered a tap when I moved my cursor down to the button and another click when I clicked on it... so Blogger errored and said I tried to edit it twice at the same time. Hit BACK to try to repost and HEY THE WHOLE POST I JUST TYPED IS GONE.

Fuck my life.


I'm heading off to bed. It's not even 10:30 yet but I'm tired, and bored, and I can't think of anything to do that doesn't require energy or concentration. So I'm going to try to sleep.

Except that my room is super frigging hot right now (due to having the heating on as it's cold outside, plus my blow-drier and flatiron - I need to go back to doing my hair in front of my computer in the office so I don't make my room super hot...) so it's going to be harder than ever to fall asleep. Sigh. Oh well.

I know most of my followers are in a different time zone, so I'll wish you all a good rest of the day wherever you are, and I'll talk to you all tomorrow.

Muchlove, and keep strong!
Vee xox


Dot said...

I've had insomnia for....10 years now I think. It goes between mania and not being able to sleep. the mania is actually really scary and frightens me. And I think the mania is what makes me lose when I don't sleep, because most people are so tired and their bodies slow down, but mine speeds up and burns more I guess...?
I think you would look adorable with red lips! They have that 30s hollywood kind of shape. It's all about finding the right red. I know I spent an hour in the store deciding on which red to get ; )

xthinforever said...

OHHHHH i hate when that happens. especially if i write a super awesome comment and then it gets wiped away. i cry.

anyways, i hope you get some sleepy. i know how much insomnia sucks the life out of you.

night! <3

Vee said...

@Dot: Yeah mine's about the same.. my problems sleeping started around the time I started Junior High School back in Canada, which is also when I got super ridiculously depressed. So that was about 11 years ago now. Jesus Christ on a bike, that makes me feel old! Maybe I shouldn't envy your mania, but at least nervous energy kills calls ^.^

I think I need to go to MAC next time I've got some empties to trade in for lipstick, and ask them to suggest some reds to try on. The only red lipstick I have is a vivid true blue-red that is way too much for my skintone ^.^ So I need to seek advice in that arena, methinks. I can't take back empties until I get a new palette to transfer my eyeshadows too, though, sigh.

@xthinforever: It's terrrrible, I was so angry. It's worst when it does it after you've typed PAGES AND PAGES... Like, if it had deleted that huge ass Introspection bs post I did a couple days ago, I probably would have passed out or burst into tears haha.

Insomnia = shit. Last night wasn't as bad as usual though so yay! <3 =]