Monday, 27 July 2009


Whoo, so today has wound up being a good day foodwise.

soup : 10 calories
6.5 canned hot dogs: 295 (I miscalculated before =[)
1 small of thin-sliced wholemeal bread: 50ish

Total for the day: approx 360 calories.

More than I'd originally thought it would be, but still decent, methinks =]

Fingers crossed the scale will reflect it tomorrow.

I'm going (back) to bed now so I'll talk to you all tomorrow

Vee xox


Dot said...

hey 369 is great! You are totally getting back in control! I knew you would ; D

Stay strong <3

Samantha said...

Hey, I've read your entire blog, and only recently got a google identity, so i haven't commented until today. Any way, i started my own blog today and part of my post was listing my favorite blogs. I put a link to your blog and I was wondering if that is OK with you? If it's not OK, I'll take it down. Let me know :)

Vee said...

@Dot: Thanks for the support doll, I appreciate it! Also, I just realized I wasn't following your blog wth! So I've added you now =]

@Samantha: That's perfectly ok, I'm flattered, thank you =] I'll check your blog out too <3