Monday, 27 July 2009

On Shooting Yourself In The Foot


Damnit, Damnit DAMNIT!

Why did I have to leave early so much the past three weeks? If I'd stayed until 5 for three days last week I wouldn't be in this position. I left early just because I felt like it. Now, even though I'm exhausted and feel like shit and my body is wanting to pass out, I HAVE to stay until 5:30 today AND tomorrow. And pray that I get into work before 9 again tomorrow otherwise I'll be in past 6. Ughghghgh.

Stupid me.

I've got an hour and a half to go - I've already finished all of my work. I could do extra, but it's not like I get paid any extra for dropping more than a day's worth of work. As it is, I already have the highest output of anyone else in my team. If it would get me a raise right this minute then I would consider it, but I'm ALREADY the best so why should I bust my ass for nothing?

Sigh. Just eighty-five minutes to go. Then sixty on the bus. Then bed.

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