Wednesday, 29 July 2009


I really hate the sound my trousers make when my thighs rub together.


xthinforever said...

i started following you :)

and i totally agree
i hate the sound your trousers make too. JUST KIDDING! i hate the sound mine makes. its awful.. swishwishwish.. like its so tight to get through its gotta squeeeze

Dot said...

Me too! Ugh! I don't wear pants usually, but I wear tights a lot and the same things happens : P

Vee said...


Yeah it's horrible >.< And it always seem so loud - although that's prolly just cuz I'm so aware of it...

But then I catch myself walking like an idiot to stop the sound haha, and hope nobody's realized it but me =/

Samantha said...

that made me laugh...(with the embarrassed grin of *i know that sound*)

Vee said...

Haha, it's the third worst sound in the world.

A screeching alarm early in the morning when you still need at LEAST another hour's sleep
Someone snoring loudly =///