Thursday, 30 July 2009



Just been told by one of the dudes I work with that mid-to-late August I'll be moving to another desk. He's not supposed to be telling anyone - my manager told him because I think he's going to be training one of the new folks - but he told me and a couple others anyway haha. We've got three new temps coming in to work for us so we're moving the team around so they can slot in next to the people that are training and mentoring them. The good news is that my manager took this opportunity to finally move me into the window seat I needed and haven't had since we moved up the wing. The bad news is that my back is now to my "superiors" (or whatever you want to call them) so I'll have to watch my ass so I don't get in trouble for blogging and being on the internet all the time ^.^

The other downside is that I'll be sitting diagonally across from The Super Creepy Creeptastically Creep (with computers between us at least so I should be able to ignore him). Shudder. He's just so... weird. And old, and flirts with and hits on younger attractive chicks. I made cupcakes to bring into work several months ago and after that he was constantly talking to me and trying to joke with me. But dude, I am not interested. He's weird and creepy in a perv kind of way (In fact, about seven years ago or so he got put on a disciplinary and demoted because a chick he was working with realized she'd forgotten something at her desk after leaving for the day, and when she came back he was on his knees sniffing her computer chair. I shit you not.


So yeah, not looking forward to that. But I can be sneaky, I'm sure. I've gotten away with it in every other team I'm in. I think since my output is so high and my work is of such good quality, I probably wouldn't get in trouble anyway. It would just call attention to the fact that I can do a full day's work and spend 3 hours on the internet, wheras everyone else is supposedly doing their job to the best of their abilities, but only doing half as much work as I am.

Can open. Worms everywhere.

I don't mean to sound vain or stuck up, but it's the truth. Either everyone else is just ridiculously slow and bad at their job, or they slack even worse than I do.

But anyway, that's not happening for a few weeks, and it should be mostly ok. Time will tell!


Ana's Girl said...

Yay for window seats; boo for backs to superiors... stay sneaky! I couldn't do without your nearly constant blogging. ;)

Oh and the creepy guy, weird weird weird. And super scary. If he tries anything, and i do mean anything at all, totally let your boss know.

Samantha said...

What a creep! ewww...

Back to the superiors!? That's worse than having to sit at the teachers desk cause all the seats are taken! Hopefully all will work out Ana's Girl i'm totally hooked on your constant posting!

Vee said...

Yeah he's a complete weirdo. AND he has the same name as my stepfather, haha.

I'm hoping sitting with my back to them shouldn't be too bad. I have two consultants (who are like a step above me but a step below our team manager) and one manager. And the setup is like

|m (aisle) c1|c2 (aisle) vee|

where M is the manager and c's are the consultants.

C2 likes to play a hardass but I've worked with him before and he's not so bad as long as the work gets done. He has his back to me. It's the other one I'm more concerned with because he's an egomaniac and obsessed with making himself look good, even if that means pointing out other peoples' shortcomings. He likes me though (not likes as in "likes" I mean) so I don't see him being a huge problem.

Also they spend a lot of time in meetings so fingers crossed they'll be gone. I'll just have to be careful ^.^

Trust me, I'll find a way to post, even if it means typing them up in word and pretending I'm doing work and then just opening my web browser long enough to paste it in =]

Ugh, the problem with creepy guy is that he doesn't do or say anything entirely out of line. He's just WEIRD. Nobody in my team likes him and everyone thinks he's a weirdo. If he weren't such a freak I'd feel sorry for him... but he is and I don't.


xthinforever said...

Whoa, omg on the creeptastic guy. Like what the hell was he trying to smell for? Butt juice or vag dribble? LOL YUCK. that is so weird, if he says anything ANYTHING to you.. report him for just being weird. Ugh.

Window seat is awesome though. It's nice to be able to see the sun and outside and people.. it makes me happy. :)

Well you got a few weeks in your regular seat, so blog it up! :) haha.