Friday, 24 July 2009

New Format? The Daily Roundup

I’m going to try out a new format. It probably won’t work but we’ll see. Right now, I tend to post pretty sporadically, sometimes a billion times a day just to update. What I’m thinking of doing now is doing a post at the end of the day to overview the success/failures of each day.

This isn’t to say that my posting will dwindle from my sometimes ten-posts-per-day frequency or anything. I just think that my Progress Update posts should be a little better formatted and easy to read, in an overview format. I still intend to write the other kinds of posts I usually do, as and when I feel the need to do so (ie: anything unrelated to daily intake and caloric output and weight gains and losses, so things like my cancer post and any other updates).

Some people have separate blogs for this purpose – one to chronicle their lives and thoughts and emotions as a whole, and a second one simply to put the statistics for the day – and I have thought about this, but don’t think it’s for me. As it is, I’ve almost entirely neglected my other, public blog in favour of this one, and I think if I split things up I would just post in one and not the other. We’ll see, though, it’s always an option if this place gets cluttered and messy and maybe confusing. But I don’t really see that happening.

So that said, I’m not going to post totals and stuff in my duringtheday posts. Pff, who am I kidding, I probably still will… But I’m going to have a “roundup” every night to go over everything together, at once. That way any progress and setbacks and trends will be easy to see, just by bringing up the Roundup tag and reading those posts. =]
Stay strong!
Vee xox

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Dot said...

I like your posts and don't think they're confusing at all ; ) But I could see how it would be easier for you to see progress if you formated them differently. I'll still read whatever you decide <3
I know in my blog I started out only writing about my weight, but now other stuff has bled into it....
Stay strong <3