Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Total for the day: 330.

I went over by 100 because I was craving salt, so had some of that healthy popcorn to sate the craving. Still, 330 isn't too shabby if I do say so myself. The popcorn is great, because 100 calories is the whole bag, and it really fills you up. The downside is that it feels like a binge, even though I had LESS calories than I did yesterday.

I've got a headache tonight, no doubt due to dehydration. I need to start bringing bottles of water to work with me or something - the water cooler at work for some reason gives me heartburn =[

Going to go lie down and hope the headache will abate a little now that I've eaten my main meal and had a few glasses of water to drink.

Hi to all my new followers by the way =]

Vee xox


xthinforever said...

hiiii! :) new followers ROCK!
anywhoooo. coolers give you heartburn?? that is odd!
and i do love those 100 calorie popcorn dealies! i used to eat those for breakfast.

330 is awesome.
i wish i had enough discipline to do that.

Kevin Atteridg said...

Well, only a 100 isn't too bad. And there is always tomorrow ahead.

Samantha said...

LOVE the frequent posts! lol

Dot said...

OMG! 330 is AMAZING! You are so strong : D I can't wait for you to reach your goals! I just think about how fast you're going to lose and am so excited for you!
Stay strong <3

Vee said...

Thanks for your comments folks =]

The 330 wasn't too bad but it FELT like a binge which is why I wasn't too happy about it. Hopefully today will be better since the cals are more evenly spread throughout the day.

@xthinforever: I love it too, especially since I have a huge weakness for popcorn. They don't sell it here in the UK though so I have to order mine from an American-Food-importing company for like $8 for a box of 3. So worth it though, I need to remember to smuggle some back with me from Canada too hehe.

@Dot: I can't wait either. I'm HOPING I'll be able to drop 25lbs by the time I go to Canada. 5lbs a week seems reasonable to me anyway. =]

Thanks for the support everyone!

Vee xx