Monday, 8 June 2009

Good? Maybe.

This weekend was a shittalicious weekend. I mean I didn't overeat (aside from the bag of popcorn at the cinema on Saturday night, but I haven't had cinema popcorn in over a year and a half and I needed to get it out of my system. And after all the popcorn kernel skin crap that got all up in my gums, I'm kind of getting sick of it already) so it wasn't bad in THAT sense.

But it was bad in the sense that I managed to weigh myself and then nearly dropped dead right there in my bathroom.

I can't even bring myself to type or say it. I'm in denial. But this has forced me to really need to do something about it. I mean, the need has been there for a while but I let myself become complacent. Saying, hey, I've eaten more than I should but it's still less than a "normal person" so it's ok. But it isn't okay.

So, back to basics, baby.

Today has been a good day so far.

For breakfast I brought cereal to work. I found this awesome gadget at Morrison's this weekend that is like two pots that screw together. The bottom one has a gel lining and you put it in the freezer (like those plastic cups you get in summer with gel in it and you freeze it so it keeps your drinks cold?) and you put your milk in it and it keeps your milk cold. The top part you put the cereal into, then screw it on top of the milk part, pop it in a bag and you're good to go. The lid even has a foldy spoon in it. Super handy.

So, I bought some unsweetened soymilk. My aunts spent all last night bitching about how horrible soymilk is and yick. But honestly, I couldn't really tell a difference between that and the semiskimmed/2% they usually buy for cereal. Although, I don't like milk anyway so it all tastes just as nonyummy to me I guess.

So I had:

Half a cup of Special K cereal = Around 60 kcals (I'm going off the guidelines for Red Berries, which is slightly more than the one I bought)

Around 100mls of unsweetened Soymilk = Around 29kcals (I'll need to check the carton and do exact calcs when I get home)

That was breakfast. Then for lunch I just had a fat-free vanilla yogurt for 100 calories.

Total so far? 189. Yay, under 200!

Last night for dinner I had a Weight Watcher's Shepherd's pie. And you know what, it was pretty damn good, and only 220 calories. Which is MUCH better than some of the frozen meals out there. I don't think I've got another at home so it'll either be a salmon-broccoli-wedge-melt (around 290?) or a Slimfast Shake (219). Depending on how I feel when I get home I might actually up the ante a little and just have another 100-kcal yogurt

So... That makes my max at under 500, which is live-with-able. But I'm going to aim for that Yogurt because having sub-300 would just feel amazing.

OH SNAP. I just remembered I picked up some 10-calorie soups! Ignore all of the above, I'm having 10-calorie soup for dinner.

Total: 199 Calories.

Fuck. Yes.

We can do this ladies. Fuck yes we can.

Vee xox


Ana said...

You're doing amazing ^_^ I'm so jealous...

Rachel B said...

Personally, I love soymilk. I just plain like it better than regular milk. When I'm feeling like a fatty, I really like the chocolate soy kind, but I try to avoid that, haha.

And I'm sorry about your scale-shocker. I hate those days. :( Hang in there, we're all rooting for you!

Vee said...

Thanks for your comments, dolls! <3

@Ana: Thanks, but honestly, the past couple of weeks have entirely undone like all of my loss so far, lol. >.<

@Rachel B: I did see the chocolate soymilk but thought I'd better not lol. I love chocolate milk, although it doesn't like me. The soymilk, I wouldn't drink it on its own (because I totally hate milk and it makes me sick both because I hate it and because of a moderate lactose intolerance) but I'm liking it with my cereal and might try it in some coffee tonight. Also a plus because it's nondairy =] I've heard other people blog about vanilla soymilk, and wanted to try that, but nowhere here seems to have it =/

And thanks for the support =] Today has started as a much better day so I'm way more hopeful <3

Love and hugs!
Vee xox