Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Awesome Treat

Mug or Cup of hot water
1-2 teaspoons of decent quality instant coffee (like Colombian or Brazilian)
1 level teaspoon of Options Belgian Chocolate hot chocolate powder.

Mix together and enjoy, baby!

Only 37 calories a cup ;] Less if you use less hot chocolate. But the coffee adds a nice boost to your metabolism to boot.

Tastes like a nice mocha, and the hot chocolate is already nice and sweet and gives a kind of creamy consistency so no real need for milk or coffee whitener. I like my coffee very sweet though so added a splenda sweetener tab for 0.2kcals.

Heaven in a cup.

All credit to my friend K, who is a whiz. I was actually talking to someone at work yesterday about coffee plus hot chocolate but for some reason it never clicked that it might actually taste halfway decent. Duh!

I think they key is to get good coffee though.

One cup and I'm already buzzing.

Also, when I went to Tesco to buy the coffee and hot chocolate, it was raining rather hard, and I nearly left my umbrella there, sigh. The dude was chatty and nice and was talking about the crappy weather and asked how my week is going and I said way too slow. Need. COFFEE. And I'd bought some green tea too. And he was all "I love green tea, I drink way too much of it. But I'm scared I'm drinking TOO much because I've already got an insanely high metabolism so I want to eat all the time!" and I was like yeah, and you'll get the shakes! But god damn it, why do WOMEN never get the super-high-metabolism-must-eat-eighteen-thousand-calories-in-a-day-or-will-die-from-skeletonitis gene?

Fucking men.

I even said "Damn, I wish I could that" and he was like "no you don't, you'd just want to eat everything!"


Another post later. I need to let my buzz wear off or my thoughts will not be organized.


Erika said...

This is my favorite "Fuck I need chocolate but I don't want a ton of calories" treat:

1/8 cup quick oats + little bit water
zap in microwave
stir in one packet Splenda
stir in tiny piece baking dark chocolate

It adds up to 27.5 calories, but I'm sure that varies depending on what oats and chocolate you use. The oatmeal keeps my stomach warm and full for hours (thus preventing binge) and I still get a taste of sweet chocolate wonderful.

I'm going to have to try that mocha drink though. Mmm.

Vee said...

Ah, I can't remember the last time I had oats. It must have been a good ten years ago. With milk and brown sugar, and in retrospect the idea makes me want to puke because oh GOD I hate milk.

I'll have to give this a try though. I'm imagining a bowl of melted-chocolatey yumminess, and it looks so good in my head!

The mocha drink is fabulous, seriously you need to try it. I'm having a cup with half a spoon of hot chocolate powder in it right now, to wake up. I can barely remember what it feels like to sleep... haha