Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Calorie Counting Bracelets

I've just been randomly skimming the internet and stumbled across the Calorie Counting Bracelet phenomenon. Maybe not so much a phenomenon as they aren't exactly widely available or anything, but I'm still loving the idea.

It's essentially a beaded bracelet with a charm that hooks onto it. Each bead represents a certain number of calories (all the ones I've seen so far work on a 1 bead = 100 kcals basis, but I'd be more interested in a double-stranded one where the first strand is 10 calories per bead and the second strand has fewer beads and measures in hundreds) and you move your charm over to keep track of how many calories you're on.

I love it and I really want one.

I've found THIS website that sells some two-stranded (20 beads total) calorie-counter bracelets, as well as pretty single-stranded beaded bracelets in various semiprecious stones (garnet for Ana, amethyst for Mia, etc) and with meaningful charms attached. I might buy one of each, but I need a wrist measurement first, and I'm at work so that's kinda not going to happen here.

Anyway, enjoy! <3

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