Monday, 15 June 2009

Day One

So I've decided to take the plunge and do ABC again. Looking back at the daily calorie caps, I have no idea why I was so stressed and thinking they were too low before. I honestly remember them being a lot lower, what the hell? I guess it just shows how you get pulled further and further down into this mindset.

So, day one is 500 calories. Seems a bit high but whatever. What I'm going to do is switch out today for Friday so I have 500 calories to spend at the Hard Rock, and 100 is my cap for today. Which means, my 10 calorie soup only day is still on.

Give a little, take a little.

So today is going to be a 100-Calorie-Max Day One instead.

I had some decent success last time around - when I managed to stick to it, that is. 9lbs in the first week I think? I'll have to look back at my older posts to see, but it was something like that.

Wish me luck!

Vee xox


Erika said...

Yay! We're doing this together!

That's extra motivation for me.
If you feel yourself start to slip, talk to me. If I feel the same, I'm headed your way, lady!

Vee said...

Most excellent! (I just got your comment and wasn't sure where to comment back haha, anything I wrote on your blog seemd ridiculously off-topic! So I'm going to post it at mine and yours to make sure you see it lol)

For sure we should be ABC buddies =]

Stay strong and holler if you want to chat! <3

Vee xox