Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Poll Results: Round Two

I forgot to record the results of my first poll because I suck and don't think that far ahead BOOYAH!

Still coffee-buzzing, sorry.


The question was:

What's your favourite way to work out?

1. Outside (Running, etc): 9 Votes (60%)
2. Classes (aerobics, spinning, yoga, etc): 5 Votes (33%)
2. Pushups, crunches etc at home.: 5 Votes (33%)
4. At the gym, using lots of different equipment: 3 Votes (20%)
4. Swimming: 3 Votes (20%)
4. Using home gym equipment: 3 Votes (20%)
7. Workout DVDs at home: 1 Vote (6%)
7. Other: 1 Vote (6%)

I know the percentages add up to 198% or something stupid like that, but that's only because I allowed multiple ticks in the voting so some people ticked more than one box =]

Woot! A lot of people go running, damn! I wish I could. The sad truth is, I'm not fit enough to run, it would be a lengthy and embarassing walk-jog. I also have bad knees and weak ankles so running out on the pavement is a hazard to everyone's health. Especially the ankles. Treadmills for me are easier because there's nothing to trip over (although I totally have been known to fall over absolutely nothing). Maybe when I get my fitness level back up to something decent I'll start jogging after work...

Also, I'm missing my aerobics classes =[

Vee xox

New poll coming soon!

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