Wednesday, 6 May 2009


I'm too tired to string together too many coherent sentences, let alone profound ones. So instead I'm going to remain off topic and talk about laptops.

Dell is out, since I posted my question I've heard a lot of bad things.

The Macbook is still a maybe because, well, it's not been majorly dissed. The thing is, do I need to spend a grand on a new laptop when all I want it for is like surfing the internet, chatting, and maybe playing some web games? Probably not.

Toshiba was suggested, and I think the laptop I had with my ex was a Toshiba. Which is an option, but that mother really slowed down after a while (although at the time I was running the Sims 2 on it with like four expansion paks so it was my own fault)

Haven't heard much about Vaio's yet so I'll need to do some research.

I'm probably not buying until after September anyway, since that's when the Canada trip is over with and I've finished paying off the all-inclusive trip to Mexico (assuming of course that Swine Flu hasn't eradicated the human species by then, how lame), and I might actually have some money to my name again.

But I needed something else to occupy my mind today. I've decided not to weigh in until... well. Shit I don't know. I was going to weigh in on Saturday when my aunts had gone, so I had free reign to fast for the weekend in entirety. But then I remembered, birthday family meal out on Friday night, so Saturday will be bad times. I might wait until Tuesday and weigh in on my birthday. Right now it's not looking like much loss will happen for the next week or so.

1. Friday night - meal out with family
2. Saturday through Sunday - eat as little as possible
3. Monday - out for a Chinese buffet with grandparents for my birthday
4. Tuesday through Thursday - in too much pain to eat, yay
5. Friday - baking with my friend S, but told my neighbour and her kids that I will be passing goodies over to them =] And taking leftovers to work the following Monday. She did, however, ask me to make my linguine for us while she's over here.
6. Saturday - Cocktails and dinner with S at TGI Friday's. Not sounding very promising.

But after that I've got a full seven days in which I have no engagements or obligations, and no aunts at home to supervise / try to feed me.

If I can make it through the next week it should be easy sailing. My aunts aren't too bad, last night they made Shepherd's Pie and I did have to eat some of that, but my aunt asked me tonight if I wanted any before she made her tuna pasta bake. So hopefully I can keep going with more of the same and just constantly spew out the nothankyou's and hope they will listen. I'm a bit more hopeful after actually being asked tonight for the first time =]

I'm taking a banana and some blueberries to work tomorrow. Nothing else on the menu! I've got some hummus I should eat before it goes off, but I'm beyond caring about the waste now. I might throw it out anyway so it's not there to taunt me when I open the fridge =]

I'm going to bed. It's only 10 but I am a zombie right now so I need to pass out.

Night lovelies!
Vee xox

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