Friday, 1 May 2009

An Unfortunate Development

I suffer from migraines. Migraines that are a bitch. I get them for various reasons. Like really strong coffee or super strong scents over a long period of time. Feta Cheese. Cigarette smoke in large doses. These are a few triggers that I know of.

I also get migraines for no reason. Yay! /sarcasm

Low blood sugar is sometimes one of them, although usually I just get really fatigued, which I can deal with, because I'm exhausted a good 96% of the time and I am not even kidding.

Whatever the reason, I'm not feeling well right now. What started out as a nagging headache over one eye (that I presumed was just a dehydration headache, or from staring at my computer screen at work or something) is now getting more severe. The telltale sign that it's trying to turn into a migraine though? The nausea. When I get a migraine I also get really sick, sometimes to the point of vomiting. Right now, I feel sick and dizzy and lightheaded, and my head hurts. All of these are symptoms preceding a migraine attack for me.

I know it's bad for you, but I've popped 3 paracetimols on an empty stomach hoping that it will get rid of it, but I do not have high hopes. I'm out of migraine meds and can't pick up some more until I go to Tesco this weekend. I am so very, utterly screwed.

Part of me wants to eat something to try and boost my blood sugar levels and hope that stops this turning into a full blown, face-eating attack. But I want to stay strong. At this point, I don't know if I'll be able to last the whole day on no food at all.

I'm in so much pain, I wish I could just curl up and pass out and wait for it to pass.


PrettyWreck said...

Having migraines, I tell you that right now, the best possible thing you can do, is find some protein and some carbs. If you eat now, before it's full blown, not only can you potentially curb the the full out headache, but your body also won't be so malnourished. Migraine binges cannot be avoided--I know how it goes.

Migraine triggers--aspartame (all diet sodas unless they state otherwise, such as ones containing splenda) and most other artificial sweetners, bananas, red wines, and of course, you know the usual XD

what helps with mine if I manage to get the protein and carbs soon enough is to toss down three motrin and two excedrin tension headache. They work surprisingly well together for me, but yeah, not always. Sometimes migraines just happen, whether or not we want them to.

Edamame (baby soy beans) are really good too. You put them in a bowl and pour boiling water over them, let it sit for three minutes, drain, and eat with salt (pref. sea salt or kosher salt--or any kind of big chunky salt. Processed salt can actually help contribute to migrains, whereas straight sea salt and kosher doesn't. Isn't that weird?) Edamame is INCREDIBLY high protein, and they're low calorie, high nutrient. It's good to eat if you're trying to restrict and get headaches.

I just--I know what it's like. I had one last night and wound up curled up sobbing until I did pass out, so when someone else has them....I mean, I'm sure you've heard almost ALL of this before XD

Good luck. And please please please be careful. They're not deadly, but they can make you hurt so much that you're not able to do anything else safely. Feel better, love. I'm sorry you hurt ♥ ♥ ♥

Vee said...

Hey, thanks for the comment, hun

Ugh, I hate migraines... they run in the women in my family, and I started getting them when I was just a kid. I remember getting one so severe when I was six years old, that I was trying to do my spelling homework on a sunday night and I couldn't remember which letters made which sounds (I could read and write before I started school, so this isn't just your generic 6-year-old literary confusion). I actually had to ask my mom if the H or F made the "ffff" sound. So pitiful, and it was horrific >.<

I'm lucky I guess in that... I get a lot of headaches but I don't get migraines as often as I used to. I used to get like 2-3 a week or something, but according to my doctors I'm perfectly healthy. =/ Now I usually get a handful a month, sometimes more, but as you WELL know, whether you have one migraine or three in the space of week, either way it doesn't make that one solitary migraine any less painful and horrifying.

I'm kind of screwed though, because I'm at work and the only food available right now, during core hours (as in, it's not like I can run up the street to the supermarket or something) is vending machine nastiness and the doughnuts that this really creepy guy in my team brought in for us to celebrate his birthday. So aside from junk there is literally nothing for me to eat, aside from a chicken stock cube in hot water, which is essentially straight salt and will probably make matters worse.

AND all I've got in my bag is a strip of Paracetimol (which I think is the active ingredient in Tylenol over in the US). I gotta say, I miss my ultra-strength motrin from when I lived in Canada. It would be better if I had some of my migraine meds on me but I ran out last week and haven't had a chance to hit a pharmacy to buy some more >.<

Also don't worry, it's nice to be able to talk to someone who suffers too and can relate. I find that a lot of people who get the occasional headache think that it's a migraine but they get no clue. I had a friend who always thought that, but when she got her first REAL migraine, she said she thought she dying and suddenly stopped complaining about the odd normal ol' headache.

Bleh. I can't leave work for another 3 hours (unfortunately I can't afford the sick time and I NEED some overtime, and I do realize how fucking dumb that sounds at the same time=/) BUT I've finished all my work for the day so I can chill and pretend to work and avoid looking at my monitor too much. Ugh.

I've taken more painkillers but they're doing fuck all. Hopefully my bus will be waiting when I leave work, and as soon as I get home I am closing my curtains, popping in the earplugs, and trying desperately to sleep it off. At least I've got the house to myself til after 10 so it'll be quiet for once.

I'm rambling, as I often do. =[ But I wanted to say thanks again. Hopefully this mother will go away and not hang around. ALL I need on a long weekend is a four-day migraine usdfshdbfs,df

Hopefully I'll be in a state of mind to post more later but I'm gonna log off for the next few hours. xxxx Muchlove