Thursday, 7 May 2009

My Addiction

And I don't mean food. Food, I can fight off with enough thought and will power and distraction. My other addiction is more all-consuming than such trivial things as tasty food to put in my mouth and make me fat.

I think I mentioned once or twice before that I'm a Beauty Blogger and have a YouTube channel, which I endeavour to ONE DAY actually do something more constructive with than ramble about randomness, do the odd half-assed review, and maybe one or two eyeshadow tutorials. Sigh, right now it all very much sucks and I haven't posted anything in over a week, partly because I haven't been able to think / find the motivation / time to do anything new, and partly because I've been concentrating actively harder on THIS blog rather than that one. But I need to get my ass in gear because damn it, beauty and makeup is something I'm very passionate about.

To my own detriment.

Mostly I'm a big fan of MAC makeup. It is wonderful, and I've even successfully applied for a MAC Pro membership which means I get 40% off when I order over the phone. So yay. And today two new collections came out. Which means today, I have even less money than the none I usually have. But I can't stop myself.

The thought of not getting BOTH of the beauty powders that HAVE THE SHAPE OF A ROSE BLOOM EMBOSSED ONTO IT OH MY GOD!! was just entirely inconceivable. I made my order and not ten minutes later was kicking myself for not getting that gorgeous pinkey-mauvey nail polish (which I then had to go on MAC's website to order separately even though I wouldn't be getting it discounted because god damn it, I had to have it)

This is why saving up for Canada and Mexico by September is going to be so fucking hard for me.

I can deal with not being able to get a laptop until the end of the year. I want a new, decent, super-high-res camera too, but I'm going to deal with my 2megapixel Fuji FinePix S5500 Zoom and my 5-megapixel Sony Cybershot cameraphone instead because hey, I can live without a professional-quality digital camera, right? A Canon or a Nikon can wait another year. I can even deal with the fact that the wardrobe that I can actually wear right now is limited to like four tank tops, two tee-shirts, two hoodies, two pairs of jeans, two pairs of work trousers, and maybe five work tops (a couple of which are too big but since I wear a cardigan you can't really tell). I mean, that amount of clothing is a fuck of a lot more than I had growing up (in high school I had like two or three pairs of plain black trousers, two tank tops, and like two tee-shirts. And a hand-me-down pair of sneakers, of which the sole of one had torn straight down the middle of the shoe all the way through and when I walked to school in hip-deep snow, I might as well have been walking fucking barefoot. I shit you not.) I can wait to go clothes shopping until I've lost weight, or at least until I've lost SOME weight and am in Canada and things are cheaper.

I can even put off getting bedroom furniture that I'm after (like a vanity table or storage units or a fucking mirror) or wanting to redecorate (the terra cotta carpet in the new house is hideous, for real).

But I can't put off buying makeup. Every month MAC has a new collection out, most of which are limited edition items. And immediately my brain goes into a frenzy and starts crunching numbers and firmly shouting at me that I HAVE TO GET THAT ITEM TOO OR THE WORLD WILL EXPLODE.

All of this is to say that I've bought makeup today that I know I don't need, but that I NEED with every fibre of my being.

And thank fucking god that my relationship with food is not this insane.


Jess said...

As a makeup artist, beauty blogger and also obviously makeup enthusiast I can appreciate this addiction as it is one close to my heart lol.

Unfortunately, I too spend more time updating this blog than my other one. Can I just make one suggestion though...look into some other brands of makeup for interests sake. Yes MAC is decent and I do carry some of it in my kit (they've been very generous w/ gratis b/c I've mentioned them in editorials)but in all honestly there are so many brands that are far superior in quality these days and are available all over the world.

Vee said...

Oh no I don't mean to say MAC is the only makeup brand I buy or am addicted to, it's just the most overpowering haha. I've got a lot of different brands, but it's MAC's limited edition collections that make my head explode.

Which reminds me, I'm quite excited because a friend in America has bought and sent me some stuff from NYX's website. Love it, it should be here soon =]

But yeah, I'm a makeup addict first and a MAC addict second, but it's easier to illustrate my point since they know exactly how to push my buttons.

However, I have to say, MAC's online customer services, leave something to be desired =/