Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Happy B-Day x2

So today is my birthday. And also the day my braces were removed.

Well, I guess I should say YESTERDAY since it's just after midnight now but what the fuck ever.

I'll write more later but basically it's been a bad long weekend, sigh.

The braces are gone and the retainer is in place. And putting the retainer in and taking it out hurts like a mother. Hopfeully my teeth will stabilize soon and I won't want to cry everytime I touch the damned things.

Still, it's all been worth it and the teeth look better than I was expecting =] So glad I didn't bother with the teeth-removal-plus-extra-18-months-in-braces proposal. <3

Hope you're all okay. I'll try to remember to do a proper update tomorrow. If I have the energy. You'd think being off work this week I'd be sleeping BETTER than usual, but you would be wrong. Sigh.

Night darlings!
Vee xox


Ana said...

:) happy birthday

PrettyWreck said...

And yay Braces removal!!!!

Rhianna said...

Happy Birthday!!!


Vee said...

Ah, I feel craptastic haha. I published these ages ago but never got around to replying. I suck.

Thanks you guys, you rock! <33