Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Hm, I just re-read my previous two posts and... maybe... I'm losing my shit and stressing out BECAUSE things are going so well?

I'm used to things breaking down and hitting rock bottom the instant that my life starts going well. So maybe... Things are going so well right now and I'm expecting another huge setback to fuck me up, somewhere around the corner. I don't know if I could deal with it.

So maybe I'm making myself stress out because I'm waiting for the second shoe to drop as it were.

I'm psychoanalyzing myself and I've never taken a psych class, I need to shut the fuck up.

I feel like such a screwup.

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tealight said...

I completely know how you feel! I've been reading your blog and a lot of the stuff you say really resonates with me.
I often make drama because I'm used to drama, and I think I often set myself up to fail even when I could succeed.
How's the diet going today? I just caved and had soup for lunch - really stodgy lentil and sweet potato carb soup!
If you ever need an ana buddy, let me know!