Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Six Days From Now

I will be 23 years old. Emphasis on the old.

And also my braces will be gone.

This blog entry needed to be made simply because I HATE MY BRACES.

Back in the day, as it were, I loved them. They hurt so much but the hurt was so good because by GOD they were working! The way my teeth would move overnight and from one week to the next was astonishing to me. They didn't rub like I was expecting them to - which is not to say that they didn't rub at all, oh no - and I very quickly got used to them.

At one point, I thought I might actually miss them when they were gone.

But let me tell you, right now I am THIS CLOSE to tearing the fucking things out of my face myself.

My teeth are straight and in-line and no actual moving has occurred for the past several weeks, except for twisting the roots of one canine into a slightly more upright position. So why the fuck are ALL OF THE MOLARS ON THE LEFT SIDE hurting so much?

I think I can blame that naan bread and hummus I had a few days ago. The bread must have wedged under my braces where it pressed into my gumline everytime I chewed, because the gums between two teeth back there have been very sore ever since. But today all the god damn teeth hurt, and I just want this metal out of my mouth, very very much.

I can't wait for them to be gone. This time on Tuesday I should hopefully be walking out of my orthodontist's office with a shiny (well, clear) new retainer over my naked teeth. It sounds so naughty, I can't wait.

I'm taking several painkillers and maybe one or two valerian root pills because I am a bag of stress when shit like this happens. My teeth are extremely sensitive to everything now, and the drilling to get the extra glue off is not going to be fun. Blech. At least I have an excuse to not eat for several days.

I'm so fed up, so I needed to have a bitch. That is all.

Six Days And Counting.

Vee xox


SK said...

That is so awesome, i had braces for over 4 years and when i finally got them off it was so good.
Just make sure you wear your retainer when your supposed to! i havnt worn mine as much as i should have and my teeth arent as straight as they could've been.

Anonymous said...

I completely understand what you mean about the braces! At first, they were kind of intriguing to have, but now I would practically give a stranger a blow job to get my braces off! Just kidding :) Hope you're doing okay!

Vee said...

@SK: Wow, four years?? I'd be pretty suicidal by then, I think lol. I've only had mine for *counts* 18 months in total. And I'm super fed up already. At my appointment-before-the-previous-one the consultant asked me if I wanted to go ahead with some further work. Two of my teeth are too small (narrow) than they should be and so while my teeth are straight and in line where they should be, they will never be perfect. And my consultant was like "we can take out these two teeth and then keep you in braces for another year and a half - top AND bottom this time! - so we can create space to build those two teeth up sideways" and I was HORRIFIED. If they'd told me that from the get-go I'd have done it, but not six weeks after being told "these babies will be off in two months!", after having ALREADY dealt with a year and a half. Sigh. But yeah I'm SO ready to get them off. I will probably ruin next weekend completely by devouring a bag of popcorn, since it's the one food I haven't been able to eat at all since I got braces, lol.

@Bipolarsarah: I know it's weird huh? At first it's neat and kind of cool but after a year or so you feel like you're actually going to lose your god damn mind if they don't come off RIGHT NOW haha. I can't waiiit. I know it's going to be a bitch to actually have them taken off (I hate that they have to drill off the dried extra glue, and my teeth are SO sensitive, oh god) but it'll be worth it. Not long to go now. I'm actually getting really nervous about it now lol ^^