Thursday, 7 May 2009

Scratch That

No SlimFast. I'm going to Starbucks instead to feed my cravings.

I think I'm going to get a light caramel frappucinno - only 192 kcals for a Venti, which is less than my slimfast and I'll enjoy it a hell of a lot more.

Also, my stomach is starving. AWESOME.

I might have half a sandwich or something, because my headache is getting worse.

So why the fuck am I getting coffee?

Well, I WAS going to get a mocha or a caramel macchiatto or a vanilla soy latte. But hot coffee makes my headaches worse, wheras cold coffee is usually okay. And the iciness I can hold against my forehead to freeze some of the pain >.<

So yeah. We'll see. I'll buy a skinny muffin or a sandwich and keep it on the sidelines. If my headache gets worse I'll have some. If not, I'll save it for dinner or something. But my head is pounding right now so I'd rather be safe.


Jess said...

You can make caramel macchiattos iced and they are super good. I've even asked for mine blended so I can pretend it's a frapp for less calories :)

Stina said...

I always just go for a tall iced soy latte with sugar free syrup (90 cals), or even an ice coffee with soy milk and sugar free syrup (no sugar, its like 50 cals).