Friday, 8 May 2009

Operation: Door Slam

Was a failure.

My aunts didn't say anything about me being noisy this morning. But yesterday when I was woken up I put my facebook status as "V... has a monster friggin headache and is not happy about being woken up while trying to sleep it off =/" and today my aunt commented and said "we are allowed to have guests over in our own home!"

So tonight nobody said anything (I checked this at work before I came home) but while we were in the car I was laughing about what some mutual friends had written on one of my status updates last week. And my aunt commented that "Yeah I replied to yours with this" and laughed. So I was like "Yeah well it wasn't the guests that woke me up." Which she should have known.

Because last night I SAID to her "She woke me up banging the bathroom door last night" but tried to make it into a joke by saying I really needed to get up and do my hair anyway. Just because I hate conflict and don't want to start an argument with my aunt...

Anyway so today she was like "well then what did wake you up?" and I said "the bathroom door banging." Conveniently J kept out of this entire conversation even though she was driving the car we were in. And then my aunt said (half-jokingly, she always says things that annoy her half-jokingly, so I never know HOW Serious she is about shit but whatever) "You're a little bugger for making noise at night, especially if you have your earplugs in!"

Of course, I know I NEVER make noise at night. It's only maybe once a week (if that) that I even get up to use the bathroom at night with my earplugs in. And even if I do get up my bedroom door is gay and sticks and bangs when you OPEN it, no matter how careful you are. You have to force it out of the jamb, in part I think because the carpet and underlay in here is a little too tall for the door so it sticks. Anyway. When I close my door and the bathroom door however I am always SO FUCKING QUIET. So I can only assume she was using this morning's noise to bring it up, since I haven't made any noise in months and my aunt hasn't brought it up in months. But of course somehow "the two bangs I made this morning on purpose" turned into "I bang every single night multiple times" which is bullshit.

Of course again I just ignored it because I didn't want to start a fight. I should have gone on about how ACTUALLY I make an effort and it's J who wakes me up EVERY NIGHT. I usually tend to go to bed earlier than them due to my insomnia. It sounds like a contradiction but I always figure, the earlier I get to bed and eventually fall asleep, the most cumulative hours I'll have stacked up by the time my alarm goes off, in between waking up a billion times. And Every Single Night J bangs around in the bathroom.

So, I was too much of a pussy to turn it into a fight this afternoon.

It doesn't help that they got me a really nice silver charm bracelet with two charms (a union jack / UK flag, and a dolphin) for my birthday and let me open it today even though it's not my birthday until Tuesday. Now I'm looking forward to adding charms =] So I couldn't be a bitch, sigh.

Anyway, they're going away tomorrow and I'll have a big quiet house all to myself for two weeks. Awesome.

And also, the rest of my ED books and stuff came today =] So I've got my 200 Under 200 book which I'll start transcribing to my ED-Foodblog this weekend whoo! And two more tarot books and my new Wiccan Oracle Cards which are pretty awesome - the card feels a little flimsy but they're so beautifully illustrated so I love them.

And we spent half the day at work doing tarot readings - I thought I'd be in shit because half the team was using my "communal" cards (I only have one deck that I'll let other people use, the rest I'll let people shuffle for readings but won't let people "play" with them) and trying to do readings for themselves. And no work got done for like two hours. But then my manager had me show him how to do it and was all enthusiastic for me to show another guy / supervisor dude in my team who sits next to him, so obviously he didn't mind, which rocks. I really like my manager =] He looks a little bit like a shorter Johnny Depp, too

Anyway, I'm tired so I'm going to try to get to sleep early - my aunts are waking me up at 5 tomorrow morning so I can say goodbye before they leave - so I'll talk to you guys tomorrow.


Vee xox


PrettyWreck said...

Sometimes it's cool to distract people, so long as it doesn't happen all the time XD I'm a supervisor, and when I ran one of the busier shifts (my shift right now is overnights, and all we do is sit around and relax for 45 minutes out of every hour--we do have to wlak around once an hour, but srsly, our building is so small it's hard to make it last 15 minutes XD), we would try to find things on purpose at least once a month to get people together and keep them distracted from work. It was a good way to get them to know each other, and to relieve a lot of work place tension. Plus, when we got other groups involved, like some of the secretaries, it helped to give them something to talk about :3

I'm sorry Operation: Door slam sucked D:! At least you get a peaceful for a while now!

DontPukeInMyWellies said...

Lol about operation door slam, I've not read much previous to this so have no clue as to how annoyed you were but the whole thing seems like somethign to laugh about in retrospect, no? LOl!

The tarot card thing sounds cool too, lol! My aunt is into them, but secretly because her husband, my uncle, HATES anything like that and will shout at her and be super bloody mean and narrow minded, but yeah, some of them are illustrated wonderfully, but others are freakin ugly, but yeah!

SOunds interesting!


Vee said...

@PrettyWreck my workplace is good like that,we have team quizzes or games a couple days a week, and it's nice just to have something to break up the day and look forward to instead of just the same old monotony every day =]

@DPIMW (long username much! haha) Yeah in retrospect it seems really dumb, but at the time I was SUPER annoyed. It wasn't just that everyone else kept waking me up with the doors, but it was more that I would get told off like a 6 year old stealing money from his mom's purse if I made ANY noise at all. I hate hypocrisy, grr. Haha. But anyway, it's all peaceful and quiet here, it's so weird but it's wonderful haha.

And tarot is awesome. Sometimes it's creepily accurate and that is cool but.. well, creepy too lol. I'm totally into aesthetically-pleasing cards. I'd have like a huge photo album just to show off pretty cards, if I wasn't so paranoid about getting glue on them. Lol. Like a pokemon card collection, but cooler ;]

I love doing tarot readings but... on the one hand, it's a bit emabrassing because I wouldn't say I'm particularly great at it and if things are wrong or I interpret it in the wrong way I feel like an idiot. But it's so much fun at the same time <3