Monday, 4 May 2009

Oh what?

After last night's blog about how I was okay yesterday but not good enough to lose - and probably bad enough to gain - it was with no small measure of trepidation that I stepped onto my scale this morning. I kept thinking, maybe I should stop weighing in every day and just do a weekly weigh in on like Friday or Saturday. That way, I can just count up the pounds lost in a week and there won't be quite as much daily up-down fluctuations going on. And maybe I'll be happier to see a drop of 4lbs all at once, rather than the odd pound here, half a pound there.

The problem is, I'm a slave to my scale. I am physically incapable of not weighing in, unless I've managed to completely forget about it as I'm running late for work or something. So, I stepped on, bracing myself for the magic number - 195? 195.5?

But no. 193.4. A drop of 0.6lbs from yesterday.

Can I get a FUCK YEAH!?

Such a relief. Today is going to be a non-eating day for MOST of the day. Unfortunately my aunts want me to make my famous linguine (which includes an olive-oil based garlic sauce and fresh parmesan cheese) tonight, which means that I can afford one small serving of that and NOTHING ELSE if I don't want to balloon back up tomorrow. Hopefully not eating for the rest of the day will balance out the oil-calories, but to be perfectly honest, I'm not holding my breath. Again. The last time I made my pasta I put on like 2lbs overnight.

Luckily it's back to working long hours tomorrow so I'll be able to get away with not eating much from Tuesday to Thursday (Going out for a birthday dinner with family on Friday BUT then my aunts are going away!)

Anyway, I need to get dressed and put my makeups on - gotta get fakin' that perfect skin of mine! ;] - because I need to hit the mall and do some birthday shopping for my aunt's partner and my grandfather. I also need to get an 18th birthday card for my brother and a graduation card to send to my sister, both in Canada. I'm probably forgetting something, May is a brutal month for special occasions =/

I did a lot of tarot-playing last night and the results I got were pretty interesting and motivating! So I'll share that with you when I get home, I don't have time right now =]

Vee xox


PrettyWreck said...

I love unexpected loss!
And yeah, I wanted to do the weekly weigh in thing too, but...then I get too anxious, and I'm afraid I'd get lazy :o!

SK said...

Yay congrats!
Im such a slave to the scales too. I haven't had any for about 5 years, and now ive had them for 2 weeks, im checking 3 times a day or so.
Im extremely happy whenever the number goes does, it feels so good.
I've even started weighing myself in pounds instead of KG because the numbers are bigger and it makes it look like ive lost more than i have :P haha.

Keep up the good work!
I send my love. xo

Pasco said...

That linguine sounds pretty damn delicious right now. I'm an eating MACHINE. Oh... god.. want... pasta!

Bah! Shouldn't have read your post! hahaha


Vee said...

@PrettyWreck: I know, it rocked so hard! But I really just can't NOT weigh myself. On the one hand, it ruins my day if I'm up even a little, but it makes me so ecstatic if I'm down and perks me up, haha.

@SK: I'm the same way, I didn't have any scales for aaages so when I moved in with my aunts and had to buy my bedroom furniture and stuff, a set of scales was one of the first things I added to the shopping list, haha. I weigh in pounds too, but mostly because that's what I'm used to seeing weights in, lol. Stones and KG used to screw me up so badly lol. <3

@Pasco: Lol, it's probably counterproductive to post about fattalicious food on a pro-ED blog, I set a bad example. DO NOT EAT FATTY PASTA! YOU MUST BE GOOD FOR ME!! xx ehehe