Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Laptop Advice?

So. I'm bored and looking at laptops online. But I am also indecisive so I want your advice, ladies.

I want to get a laptop toward the end of the year, which means I'm going to spend the next six months researching laptops, probably. All the same, I'd like your input as to what YOU would get if you could / what you have and why you love it.

I'm currently debateing between:

A white MacBook, even though I have never used a Mac computer in my life (not counting junior high because I do not even remember those computers). The pluses? It's SO PRETTY. I've heard good things about them and did I mention they're gorgeous? And have a great built-in webcam which is good.

A Dell of some description, maybe their new one that comes in six colours. The plus here is that it is cheaper.

Maybe a Sony Vaio? I do not know.

Which should I go for? Ignore the fact that I'm not buying RIGHT THIS MINUTE, I still like to make my decisions before I spend half a year second-guessing them =]


SkinnyBitch said...

Do NOT get a Dell

They are so cheaply made

I would go for a PC because I think Macs are overrated; if you want a PC go with Toshiba.

Definitely get the Macbook over the Dell though, please.

margeurite said...

Macbooks are good for artsy-type things, if you're into that.

Whatever you do, do not buy anything HP. Heward-Packard packs on so many unnecessary programs and ad-ons and whatnot. They're okay for people who've never touched a computer before in their life, but they annoy me.

You might want to wait until the new Windows comes out.

SK said...

Sony Vaio's are soo pretty too! i was gonna get this white one that was kinda small and really light.
I agree, dont get dell, they last about a year before the screen and keyboards stop working properly.
I got a toshiba, its good, but random things keep going wrong with it.
I just love it because it has a fingerprint reader that i use instead of passwords hehe, feels so high-tech and futuristic.
I think Macs are pretty good, just take some getting used too. But i definately prefer PC.

Not sure if any of that will help :D

PrettyWreck said...

I have an HP (the Pavilion dv9000) and they're good, but a little overpriced. I mean, they're amazing machines, somewhat noisy, but you really gotta be willing to be in it for the long haul. They've got some flimsy manufacturing in parts of it, but yeah.

In all honesty, and this comes from years of working with computers (as well as being in the process of tweaking out my current HP and also having repaired more than my fair share), go with an Acer.

Yes, you read that right.

Acer's are not "name brand" laptops. The same system you'll get for $1500 from a "big brand" (before warranty!) you can get from Acer for about $600. They're sturdy little fuckers that have the lifespan of a Highlander. Make sure to do comparison shopping, and also ensure that whoever you get your warranty from does NOT go directly through any specific company, but a third party warranty company. HP ships their shit out of country, and so does Dell (DO NOT EVER BUY A DELL! TRUST ME ON THIS! THEY ARE MADE TO FAIL! I HAVE HAD MANY NIGHTMARES WITH THEM!)

If you don't know about computer specs, try to get a machine with at LEAST 2 gigs of memory, but if you're waiting for the new Windows (I'm a fan of Vista, tbh, but the new one excites me), make sure you've got a base model of 3 gigs, or the ability to put in more (4 gigs is ideal. If you get a processor that's a true 64 bit, you want to have 8 gigs, but if it's a 32-running-as-64, it won't register more than 4 gigs on most cases, so it's meaningless to ahve more than that).

Also by the end of the year, you should be able to get a TRUE dualcore/tricore 64 bit processor. Dual core should work fine, since Tri core is a bit extreme or most people. If you wait until December/January, price of bluray should also go down.

AMD processors are also the best.

Anyway, sorry for rambling at you XD I'm in the process of building a desktop right now, and also tweaking out my laptop, so... :3



They are literally the WORST machines that EXIST. Acer's the BEST buy for the money.

Oh, and Macbooks? While awesome?
Are WAY overpriced and totally not worth it. Plus most of the major programs (the full version of word, OneNote, etc.) doesn't run on it, unless you're tech savy and know how to get and customize the adaptor software (paid software is expensive, freeware you normally ahve to tweak yourself, and is meant to run on Linux, I think).

Sorry for rambling :3

PrettyWreck said...

I...think I just closed out the window without clicking publish. This makes me want to cry D:!

Vee said...

Holy millions of comments, batman =]

Okay here goes!

@everyone: Looks like Dell is for definite out of the picture. I've heard nothing but bad things so far. One friend recommended them to me a couple of months ago but now, everything I've heard has been bitchalicious and not in the good way

@marguerite: Actually, I think my desktop is an HP. I Can't remember, it might be a Packard Bell but I'm about 90% sure my desktop PC is an HP. It's treated me well, to be honest, even though after a NIGHTMARE OF SHIT with a Packard Bell computer, I was adamantly against buying anything with the word "Packard" in it. But so far it's been okay ^^ Except for the fact that my hard drive is nearly full to bursting =/

@SK: I am SUCH A gimmic whore and I now REQUIRE something that has a fingerprint reader, hahaha.

@PrettyWreck: one word. Damn. That was hella informative, lol don't apologise for rambling, this is the kind of inpurt I NEED. I do know many of the most important things re Specs. The only problem is, I haven't decided what kind of specs I want my laptop to HAVE. I already have a Quad-Core HP Desktop PC, running on Vista (so many people say it's the DEVIL but I have to say I rather like Vista *shrug*). I can't remember my processor speed but it's got 3Gigs of RAM and runs like a dream. Except for the fact that I have so mcuh crap on the hard drive. Mental note: invest in an external HD or finally get around to burning all that SHIT onto DVD+RWs =/

So, because I have a fairly powerful PC that plays my memory-heavy games and lets me photoshop for hours and download anything I want to, I'm torn with the laptop. Do I spend the extra on a super powerful laptop that is a "computer" in its own right? Or is there no point in getting a second super powerful computer, if I don't really need it to do all the things I make my desktop do? I think it'll depend on my money at the time. Although, to be totally honest, I can just see myself buying a non-top-of-the-line laptop and then being pissed off that it can't do X, Y, or Z, or that it's too slow. SO I'll probably go the extra mile.

I was thinking about Acers at one point too. Mostly because as kids my best friend had an Acer and it was the most amazing computer I've ever used, it was also fast and smooth and never had hangups. Of course when I invested in my desktop I was told that Acer isn't actually a very reliable brand, so it got crossed off the list. But I'll definitely add it back on as a possibility now.

Also, I need to do some research into the new Windows. I'm not really afraid of change in that respect. Vista came out a few months before I got my desktop and my ex at the time wanted to pay extra to have XP installed on it. Because he's a pussy =] But we just got it with Vista and I love it and can honestly not see what all the fuss is about: if you have enough virtual memory to run the OS along with whatever programs you want to use, there are zero problems.

So hmm. Must research.

Thanks much for your input ladies, you're invaluable!