Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Another Early Night

I'm so tired so I'm going to bed soon. I'm also suffering from the munchies even though I'm not actually hungry. And sleeping = less temptation to find something to eat.

I made Braised Lettuce today, although it was much more of a Lettuce Soup than anything else. And it was delicious, far far better than I was expecting it to taste. I added some celery and spring onions and green pepper and a dash of tobasco, but fucked up and put in too much stock so it was SUPER salty. Now, I love love love salty food, which is one of my problems, but this stock was too salty even for me. But the stuff in it was amaaazing.

I'm going to give it another try tomorrow. Mmmm. And for less than around 50 calories I'm ahead of where I originally wanted to be today =]

It feels like cheating though because I'm very full [I put more water into it than I should have, which in turn filled me up faster] even though I didn't actually eat anything other than that.

Oh.. crap. Yeah I also had two Innocent smoothies. Which total around 500 calories. I know a lot of people don't usually count their liquid calories unless it's something dumb like a McDonald's Milkshake or lots and lots of beer, but those smoothies have knocked me back. That happy high from earlier? I'm not happy anymore. Especially when I think about how much fruit is in those smoothies. Which is good because yay fruit! and nothing extra. But bad because holy calories!

Shit. Shit shit shit. I don't know if I should be mad at myself or not.

We'll see how tomorrow goes. Tomorrow is going to be my sushi pack for lunch at work and maybe some more Braised Lettuce when I get home. Depends on whether or not I can be bothered making it. It was good and easy to make but right now crushing garlic and chopping onions and green peppers and celery is sounding like a lot of work.

Anyway. I'm going to bed.

And yes, my life really is this boring. No wonder I'm so fucking depressed.

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