Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Only four hours left to go

Ugh. Working ten hours a day to rack up two and a half of overtime really bites.

But on a lighter note. Today started off really shitty, I was so tired I nearly fell asleep after my alarm went off, and was depressed and had no motivation - and to make matters worse I woke up convinced it was Thursday. Unfortunately, I am not that day closer to the weekend, and it ruined my day. Also, it was foggy and trying to rain and the weather was doing everything in its power to look like stereotypical Britain from a movie made by people who had never set foot in this country yet still decided to set it in London - which we ALL know is the only place in England. /sarcasm.

But now it's not so bad. I've had my sushi, and it was yummier than any other sushi I have ever had before, it was so wonderful. I feel guilty for eating it despite having lost less than half a pound last night, but at least I'm eating it earlier, yes? The sun is also shining outside, which is awesome but also sucks because I'm stuck in an office until 6:30 tonight, by which time it will probably be raining and windy as hell. The morning went by pretty quickly and I spent my first hour at work reading a couple blogs and ordering some books from Amazon. A new tarot/oracle card deck, two tarot books, and about twelve books on eating disorders. I need something new to read and unsuprisingly, this is what I would rather read right now. Though I do have to remind myself that my two favourite authors (Koontz and Palahniuk) both have new books coming out in not such a long time, so I'll need to make space for them.

I'll probably have to find an extra hour or two of overtime to AFFORD the books and the tarot cards, but it's cool. Maybe I'll stay at work til 7 instead of 6:30 tomorrow.

No, no I won't.

I'm rambling now so I'll stop and probably write something else later.

Calorie consumption so far today:
Strawberry Tea with Splenda Sweeteners: 1.8
Sushi: 395 - yeah, it's more than I thought but still not HUGE.

Now the big question. Do I make the braised lettuce when I get home? Or do I go without? I want to skip it but at the same time I can't make it tomorrow because I'm doing the saltwater flush. And I don't want my half-onion and cut-apart green pepper to go off, because again, I can't afford to waste any money.

I wish there was an ED-Friendly Supermarket that sold teeny portions so things wouldn't be wasted. Like single servings of like 1/4 cups of cereal, 1/4 of skim or soymilk, peppers and onions and tomatoes by the quarter and bananas by the half. Ice-cube packaged servings of ice cream. Celery by the stalk and individual berries and grapes. Half-size cans of soup.

Maybe I'm getting carried away now. Anyway, I'll talk to you guys later.

Vee xox


Holly said...

Stay strong Vee. Xxx

Africana said...

An "ED-friendly supermarket" would be brilliant!

Hang in there girl.

Love your blog. :)

DontPukeInMyWellies said...

I'd LOVE an ED friendly supermarket, sadly no such thing seems to exist, however I once read about a restaurent for anorexics further east in europe somewhere. TEsco used to be fun for browsing though because there's so much I'd just lok, pick up, read and put back leaving only empty handed an hour or so later, perhaps with a bottle of Volvic!
Braised lettuce? WHat the hell is that? I'venever heard of itbefreo =in my life1 EVER!

Also, 12 eating disorder boks. I LOVE reading abotu eating disorders. I tell you, 'perfect daughters starving girls' is SO interesting, I cried at one of the recolections made by the author, like, OMG I can so relate to this girl, and I just cried.

So sad but so true, which I believe, makes it sadder :(

lush love


Rhianna said...

"ED friendly supermaket"I absolutely love it...we should all go into business opening them all across the UK, US and AUS lol...stay strong kiddo.


Vee said...

Thanks for the comments, girls! I appreciate and love reading them <3 xxx

Rhianna: We totally should. I'd say we would make a fortune but I can't imagine you'd get a lot of money for selling half a banana haha. xx

V: Really? I need to research anorexic restaurants now, I'm tres intrigued.

Haha Braised Lettuce, for me is more like a lettuce soup to be perfectly honest. A friend of mine told me the basic way to make it, and I've posted that along with the specific recipe I used over at my ED-Foodblog at =] It's much much yummier than it sounds, and only 33kcals per bowl.

I got a bit carried away with the books, but I need something to read! Haha I've always been into true stories of psychological issues and childhood abuse and stuff (yeah, I'm a bit twisted lol) and I've been meaning to get a few eating disorder ones for a while. So I got a bit carried away on Amazon yesterday. Excited for them to come though. I'll have to keep an eye out for that one, too, I'm always needing to expand my library.