Friday, 24 April 2009

I missed this

Man, I've missed having a place to do random ranting.

So here goes.

Today, is a bad day. It started off okay because I'd lost half a pound since yesterday even though I also had two buttercream-frosted cupcakes (I baked cupcakes to bring into work on Wednesday). And there are no cupcakes left for me at home because I skillfully offered all the leftovers to my aunts, who are determined to eat what they can now, since they're for definite getting the weight loss surgery this summer now.

But, the bad side effect of bringing in the cupcakes, even though I got a marriage proposal from my manager and it's been quoted as "the most important thing to happen this year" in a meeting... Is that the SUPER FUCKING WEIRDO old man (50+) has taken it upon himself to start talking to me, which weirds me out.

A while back he got put on a disciplinary for sniffing a woman teammate's chair. She caught him when she forgot something at her desk and came back to get it.

Then three years ago he sent a friend of mine some expensive flowers to her desk on Valentine's day, even though he'd never spoken to her before (but apparently HAD been talking about her forever to one of her best friends, who he sat next to at the time). This doesn't sound like a big deal but if you ever met him you would understand. He's "weird" in a way that is otherwise indescribeable.

Yesterday though, while I was working overtime and was the only other person left in the office, he came over and started yammering at me. And I swear to god the first thing he said to me was "You're from Calgary right? I know a family from there. I don't know if you'd know them. How big a city is it?" Like are you seriously pulling out the lamest, most retarded question in the world? People always assume just because I grew up in Calgary I know every single person to ever live there. Nevermind that this man is ten years older than my mother. God.

Then today he came over and asked if I was coming in tomorrow for Overtime and when I said no he asked if I lived far from the office. And I had this sense of dread but I told him I live farish, yes. And he said "Well I was wondering if you would bring cupcakes in for those of us who are working?" Seriously. I am not your pack mule 1950's wife, fuck off.

Like bringing in a couple batches of cupcakes for my teammates somehow translates to "she is totally hot for me, let's try lameley to flirt, bwahhaha". SO. NOT. INTERESTED.


And then on top of that, I'm starting to get quite a bad headache, probably due to skipping lunch but whatever. I'm doing better at staying hydrated lately, which is a plus... Just as I realized I'm out of migraine meds (and tried taking 3 generic painkillers instead, but I'm doubtful they'll do anything) one of my boss-supervisor folks came over and asked if I'd pick up our phone line when one of the other women in the team leaves at 2:30.

For those of you who do not know, I work in a pensions office in an adminsitrative role. I use the term "admin" loosely, since I don't actually administer the pensions themselves I just produce and give information out to the people who request it, work that is varying in its complexity. But I don't actually know the first thing about pensions. So having to pick up our phone line that the local contact centre uses if they have questions about our policies, is like putting me into a courtroom and demanding me to adequately defend someone up against a murder charge. I have not the first fucking clue.

Luckily, the woman who is leaving said the only calls she's had to day were chasing some information requests that haven't been sent out yet, and it shouldn't be TOO hard, and there are people in my team I can ask if I'm asked something I can't answer on my own. But I could just really do without the hassle today. My head hurts, I'm tired, and my headache is making me feel sick. All I want to do is curl up somewhere and pass out for a day or two solid, but no.



Sorry, I just really needed to get that out, because I'm irritated.


LoveMeDead said...

hey there. sorry to hear that youre not feeling well. read your weight goals. keep working! loved reading your post. have a great weekend!

Vee said...

Hey there. Thanks for the comments. I'm definitely going to keep going, I just hope things go according to plan from here on out >.<

Hope you have a fab weekend too hun xx