Wednesday, 21 January 2009

008: Day 5 of ABC. Just as bad as yesterday

I feel like shit.

I managed my 400 day yesterday without too much of a problem, I went over by like 6 cals but I’m glad I managed to stay at the 400 mark.

I did some crunches, some leg lifts, some inverted crunches, and some leg-lift crunches (kind of hard to explain but you lift and move your legs to work your lower abs – they absolutely KILL me, because my fitness level is nonexistent) last night.

Unfortunately, I woke up this morning feeling super sick. I don’t really have nausea, but everything else is checked off the list. Sigh.

I ache all over, possibly in part to the working out. Everytime I cough my abs SCREAM in agony. I’ve had issues with my sinuses the past couple weeks but today they are EXPONENTIAL. I have a sinus headache and all my sinuses hurt and I can SMELL the infection, and I won’t go into the details about mucous and stuff but TRUST ME, it is not good. I keep coughing and have a buildup of phlegm. My ears feel clogged and swollen and achey, which I think is due to my glands.

Right now my glands are the worst part. They are so swollen that my entire neck aches. If I talk or yawn or swallow or even MOVE MY HEAD they hurt. So much.

All I want to do is go back to bed and sleep, but my year-end review is tomorrow afternoon, and I can’t afford time off right now. My last sick day was in Mid-November (before that it was like September ’07, over a year before, but that is seriously not the point), and I don’t want it to look bad at my review that I’ve had time off within a couple months of each other. I was sicker in November, but I used my holidays to cover those other two days so it doesn’t show as sickness on my record.

I’m still irritated with my fucking bus company. And tomorrow and Friday I have to walk to the bus stop (which will be a good 20 minutes, uphill, in the dark, on icy streets). On the one hand I was looking forward to it because hey, it’s extra working out! But right now I just feel so sick and horrible that I physically don’t know if I have the energy to walk from the car to my front door and up the stairs when I get home. Ugh, the worst part is, I need to wash my hair tonight. The last thing I need is to come into my review looking like a grunge, ew. Although to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t stand walking around with greased-up hair anyway. The worst part though, is that it takes me no less than an hour (every other night) to dry and straighten my hair. Stupid not-straight-but-not-curly frizzy hair.

But I digress. Right now I’m contemplating whether it’s worth it to walk to the bus stop, or if I should take another route. The other route will cost me probably twice as much to get to work, but it means I can use my usual bus stop. This morning there was another bus in front of my bus, that stops at my usual stop near my house, takes a detour, and then meets back up on MY bus’s route in town. If I take that to town I can catch my usual bus at the same stop and take that one to work.

Ugh I really don’t know what I want to do right now. Decisiveness is not my strong suit even when I’m perfectly healthy.

On another note, this weekend I’m moving a treadmill into my bedroom. My aunt bought it like two years ago, I think she’s used it like once. And since I moved in last May, it’s been gathering dust in their garage. And I figured out that I have just enough space to put it in my room, provided it’s folded up and just folded out while it’s in use. It’s going to make my room look tiny and like I have no space at all, but guess what – my room ALREADY looks tiny and like I have no space at all. So I might as well stick a workout medium up in there.

Not that I’m going to be using it if I still feel like this. I feel so weak, letting this cold-slash-infections get me down, but I haven’t felt THIS sick in a while. Ugh. Everything is so fuzzy, my head is so stuffed up it’s unbelievable. And my concentration is almost zilch today. I’m actually rather astonished that this isn’t written in three-year-old.

In other news, I dropped one pound since yesterday, so the ABC is working. Today is a 100 day and I thought I would be struggling and dying. But it’s just after 10am and I don’t feel hungry. I feel too horrific to want to put any food inside me. I actually feel like, if I do try to eat this fruit, I’ll just make myself violently sick. It’s not worth it to eat anything right now. YAY. Green tea, however, is fair game. Even if it is like seventy steps to get to the drinks machine for my hot water. Not that I’ve been counting or anything.

I need to get some dumbbells to do a little more work on my arms. My armflab is ridiculous. I have bingo-wings, yuck. That will simply not do. All these things require money. Money that I do not have. I might wait until I’ve put another couple hundred away for my Canada trip. Saying that, I’ve got £200 saved up (I’ve had to take out £250 to pay bills and fund Boxing Day Shopping Excursions), I’m getting just under £200 as a year-end bonus, which will all be put away, and can probably manage to put away another couple hundred out of my usual wages. So all in all, I shouldn’t be too bad. In total I want to save at least £1,500 before September, so if I can get up to £600 at the end of this month, I’ll be set.

I do, however, need to invest in some multivitamins. I’m thinking that might be one reason why this horrific sickness has come on, and literally overnight. I haven’t been taking any supplements (I even forgot to take my Calcium the other day, which is something I need with or without fasting/restricting), and I know I need to. So I’m going to buy some as soon as I get paid next week.

I’m seriously just rambling now so I’m going to go and try to actually get some work done.

Much love, my skinny bitches.

Counting the seconds until I can go home and go to bed,




Anonymous said...


I'm also horribly indecisive. i say pay more to get to work as if you push too hard you'll cave in to comfort somewhere else (i.e food!)

Vee said...

Yeeeeessss. I take Vitamin C... And by "I take" what I really mean is, "I should be taking but haven't for three weeks but I did today!" haha.

That's a good point, I didn't think of it that way for some stupid reason. I'll just take the two-buses to work instead of pushing myself too far when I'm sick. Thanks for the comment xxx