Friday, 16 January 2009

003: Day One, 500. And some ranting about piercings

Okay, so, today is Day One of the ABC diet. This means I have a daily allocation of 500 calories. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be all that hard to be honest. When I was dieting before I was keeping below 600cals a day anyway, and at one point was having to find extra things to eat to hit the 600 mark. So this shouldn’t be TOO hard. Although I think it might be difficult when I hit the 100 and 200 calorie days. And the fast days, I can’t remember the last time I went a whole day without eating anything. But the feeling of accomplishment is amazing.

Yesterday I was thinking about starting the ABC diet, as I was under 500 cals by the time I got home from work. But I’m still feeling sick and don’t think I could have made it through the night without stuffing my face if I didn’t have SOMEthing to eat when I got home last night. So, I admit, I had some leftover KFC chicken. Call me fat if you want to, but I still LOST 2.2lbs! That’s right. I think it’s because I still managed to keep my calorie count down yesterday in spite of the chicken (small pieces are the way to go, good thing the small wings are my favourite pieces).

So that means I have managed to lose a total of 3.2lbs. As of this morning I am 198.2, down from 201.4 on Wednesday morning. Not a bad start, especially with the goddamned KFC chicken up in there. I’m still gargantuan but at least it’s a start, and 3lbs in 2 days is nothing to sniff at, especially not when you’re my size and every FRACTION of a pound counts in a big, big way. That’s why I count the .2, and am glad that my scale registers in tenths of a pound.

After the food, I went straight to bed. So I was in bed by 8:30, probably asleep by 9. I think I caught an earring on my pillow in my sleep because I vaguely remember being woken up in the middle of the night and when I put my head down, my second piercing in my right earlobe was screaming at me. I had to keep adjusting so that it didn’t sting, but then finally fell back asleep. It’s a bit raw and sore today but not too bad thank god. Lord knows I’ve already had more than my share of piercing related issues.

Like, the first time I got them pierced, as a small kid. And a family member decided to change the piercing studs and put in these plastic ones before they had healed properly, closed them too tight, and the skin started growing over the backs and got super infected. They healed over. Then I was 12 and my aunt paid to get them done for cheap at the local market. Why did either of us think that would be a good idea? They wound up getting infected, and the woman had pierced them crooked so I took them out and let them heal after two weeks. Then, when I was eighteen I got them re-pierced again so I could wear earrings for grad. No word of a lie, it took at least six MONTHS for my piercings to heal up, rather than the suggested six WEEKS. By graduation time I had only had them pierced for around two or three weeks. I knew they weren’t healed but by god I was going to wear these super nice earrings to my grad banquet (we didn’t have a “prom” so I guess it was our school’s shitty substitute). So, I coated the posts with Neosporin to promote good healing, went out, and when I got home it took a good twenty minutes to get one of my piercing studs back in. It was so painful, and because they weren’t healed and were possibly a bit infected, it was all gooshy and hard to find the exit hole in the back. Ughghh.

Then a year later I got a second set pierced in my earlobes. They took ages to heal but I put some gold earrings in and just didn’t change them, so they weren’t so traumatizing. But the same day I got the upper cartilage of my ear pierced, and that was a nightmare. I wound up with a little ball of infection next to the ring on the front side of the ear, and it took months to heal. In fact, it never healed until all of the infection had been forcibly squeezed out, which let me tell you, hurt like a motherfucker. We had to keep squeezing that thing every night for weeks and then coating the ring and my ear with pure alcohol spray (bactine was doing nothing) before it finally healed.

I kind of want to get my tongue pierced but the ordeals I’ve had so far have put me way off. Infection of the mouth doesn’t sound like a fun time. I totally thought my tattoo would react badly, but that healed perfectly fine in a couple of weeks. Go figure.

Anyway, that got ridiculously off-topic. Onto my ABCs!

This morning, I was starving. My meal allocation for today is as follows:

Fat Free Yogurt (100)
Light Cereal Bar (70)
Weight Watcher’s Frozen Meal (295)

This altogether totals 465 calories, which means I’m still under.

But, I got to work, made some green tea (3 cals per cup total with one and a half teaspoons of splenda) and some strawberry-raspberry-loganberry tea (5 cals per cup total with one and a half teaspoons of splenda. The tea itself is 2 cals/cup). I’ve had two cups of each so far, and have one of each on my desk waiting to be drunk. Drank? I’m not sure what the proper syntax is in this situation. But anyway. That means I’ve had sixteen calories so far, with eight more to go, which is 24 calories in those six cups.

And I’m not hungry anymore. It’s looking more and more likely that I won’t have that yogurt and cereal bar. We’ll see how the afternoon goes because I know I can eat those two without feeling guilty over it. But if I’m not hungry I’m not going to eat them just for the sake of it.

Right now I’m not hungry at all. Even thinking about my chicken curry and rice tonight isn’t making my mouth water, which it usually does. All I can think about is going shopping to get a lot of fruit and low-cal food. I’m going to see if I can find some of those 10cal instant soup mixes that I’ve heard people talking about. They’d be perfect for lunches at work.

So today is a 500 day, as is tomorrow. Sunday, however, is a fast day. So I need to remember to bring my box of green tea home tonight so I have something warm to sip that has flavour. Wish me luck!

Stay Beautiful!

Vee xxx

ps: cross-posting this to my other blog because I can’t think of any way to write all that in a different way, or something different to update with =P


hey.hana said...

My favourite 100 cal day plan deal is to get a 1 cup Tupperware container, fill it with grapes and freeze it. Frozen grapes can last an entire day if you do it right.

Slash reuse your tea bags at least once or twice to save cals AND tea bags!

Good luck//keep it up :]

Vee said...

Hey thanks,

I'm loving frozen grapes! They take so much longer to eat so I always wind up eating fewer of them. I might just have a container of frozen grapes in the evening when my 100cal day rolls around.

Also a good point about reusing the teabags, I'll definitely have to do that - I'm going through them like nobody's business haha.

Thanks! xx