Monday, 23 February 2009

Day One of The Patented VK Diet Plan

...It doesn't have a name, but V and K are our first initials and it's kind of funny because VK is a yummy alcoholic beverage.

Okay, maybe not all that funny but whatever.

Today marks the first day of the plan. I kind of had a weekend “off”. Friday night we had my wonderful pasta, as I think I’ve written about before. Saturday night we were invited to a friend’s house for takeout, so I had chips and some donner meat. Yesterday my aunts decided we were going to McDonald’s. Yeah. I told them I didn’t want to and got in response “You’ve been off the diet this weekend anyway, you’re going back on it tomorrow anyway, so you might as well have this” etc etc etc. They wouldn’t lay off and take no for an answer. So I ate, and I wasn’t happy about it.

When I got home, I felt sick. And I have to admit, I purged. I think it’s the first and only time I’ve done so successfully. Those who know me, know that I hate purging. Other people can do what suits them, but for me personally, it’s really not my thing. I detest it. Not least of all because of the pain and suffering I’m going through with braces, and I do not want to fuck it up by destroying my teeth with stomach acid. I think I even have some kind of mental block against it, because I physically can’t do it. Ughghh. Anyway. Yesterday was necessary though, and if I’m totally honest, I felt supremely nauseous anyway. McDonald’s sometimes does this to me… the greasy food has an adverse effect on my stomach. So yes, I was violently sick when I got home. And it felt horrible.

Honestly, I don’t know how you mia girls do it. Whenever I’m sick, I always feel totally horrible for the next day or two. It makes me feel physically sicker, gives me a headache, and messes up my throat. That’s one reason I don’t drink very often… I can’t deal with the hangovers haha. Clearly, you’re all far more determined and stronger than me. Which is why I’m sticking to my weekly plan instead. I can see how BPing can be really attractive to some people, but I’m really just not cut out for it.

That aside, the weekend never lasts anywhere near long enough, sigh.

I’ll write more to update later, but I’m at work and really need to get something done before I spend the rest of the day writing here =]

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hey.hana said...

I'm the same way with purging! I simply have a mental block...

So when I binge, it's all over... or I'll exercise the night away. But it's not the same, is it