Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Mourning the tragic passing of My Metabolism

Sorry for the short, vague post about two hours ago. I was just getting ready to leave for work and I was super pissed and had to say something.

Why am I fucked off?

Well, aside from generically STILL being irritated by everything and everyone around me, and the fact that I went to bed at TEN last night and still didn't sleep, and that I woke up thinking it was Wednesday, only to be told that HAH, no, it is only Tuesday bitch, four more days of work to go!

I have gained 1.6lbs since yesterday.

Yesterday was a 300 day and I went over ever so slightly, but by barely anything. And I GAINED A POUND AND A HALF.

How the fuck is that even physically possible?!

Today is a 100 day, but I'll be damned if a single piece of food is passing my lips today. Of course, it would be Pancake Day here in the UK, and I'm praying that my aunts don't realize, that I don't walk in the door to fresh pancakes with the syrup she imported from Canada. Ugh.

There are no words to adequately express just how I feel right now.

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