Thursday, 19 February 2009

Change Of Plan

As of Monday, I won't be doing ABC anymore.

Well, as of today kind of.

Tomorrow I was going to trade out for my 800 day anyway because I was contemplating having pasta. Now, we're all having celebratory pasta so I'm making it for three instead of just one. My aunt got her letter through to go to an information day before Gastric Bypass surgery, and her partner got hers a week or two ago now. So anyway, that's tomorrow.

Anyway, the news is... a friend of mine, K, and I have decided to make our own plan instead of following ABC. It's still varied day by day, but it's on a weekly rotation. Mondays are the same, Tuesdays are the same etc. There are no incorporated fast days. Both of us feel that fast days work best when you WANT to do them rather than when you have to do it because a plan dictates. I personally do better fasting when I want to do it, when I feel like I can do it, if that makes sense.

So yeah, today is my last day on ABC. The weekend is going to be about restricting but not following a plan, and we're plunging into the new plan come Monday.

So! There's an update for you haha. Wish us luck. =] But I'm looking forward to the new plan. Since the days are the same, it will be a lot easier to remember - with ABC I kept having to refer to my diary or the internet to keep track of where I am and what day I'm on.

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Finnikki said...

I think the fasting when you want to versus because you scheduled it really helps. Within reason...I mean usually, a day and a bit into a fast, I don't want to do it anymore, but if I hold out another few hours I'm fine. But at the same time, there is no point trying to start one if I'm not interested and motivated at the time. I do amazingly well when I am.
So yeah, that's a very good point you bring up, and I hope it really works out for you....
If going off ABC is the best thing for you, then super, and I wish you the best for that as well! I hope its simpler for you, not having to refer to the web, and just...overall easier to stick to...

Anyhow...I always ramble off so long in my comments so I shall stop now lol
Good luck and take care!